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If you were a size 16-18 with big boobs, which of these would you go for?

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TheWolfpack Thu 28-Jul-11 13:47:28




And which colour?

I realise some of you may say neither, and if so can you recommend an alternative, good quality showerproof coat.

TIA smile

thestringcheeseincident Thu 28-Jul-11 13:48:47

Defo the first one. The double breasted nature of the second one will add more boob.
I like any of the colours really. Maybe the green at a push.

Pootles2010 Thu 28-Jul-11 13:51:24

Yes yes Cheese is quite corrrect. If you go with the second you're basically buying yourself a matronly busom.

No idea on colours, what colour suits you?

seasidesister Thu 28-Jul-11 13:53:14

NOT the trenchcoat.

ggirl Thu 28-Jul-11 13:55:58


TheWolfpack Thu 28-Jul-11 13:56:56

Thanks for the advice. I normally look at things on a model and think, "Ooh that's nice" without mentally picturing how it will look on me grin.

Well the picture in the catalogue is of dark brown which looks nice on the model.

I'm blonde and naturally fair skinned but usually have a tan. The black is a no-no, so prob the brown or green.

woopsidaisy Thu 28-Jul-11 14:19:54

Hi the Wolfpack.
I agree with the others about no to the double-breasted one. Definitely not good with boobs.
Is it for Autumn/Winter? If so you might be as well to wait until next month when more of that stuff is in.
I got a brilliant coat out of Joules last Winter,kept me snug and dry all through those cold times at the side of the boys football classes! It is sold out,but I notice they have this in your size in the sale if that helps?

HoneyDuke Thu 28-Jul-11 15:04:21

The parka in a dark colour.

groak Thu 28-Jul-11 15:05:47

I'm same shape as you and i deffo lve the parka, been looking at it today in the catalogue, deffo go for the brown too

ChaoticAngelofGryffindor Thu 28-Jul-11 15:47:07

The first one in the colour on the model smile

stinkyfluffycat Thu 28-Jul-11 15:51:12

Won't the pockets add more boob to your boobs when you do the coat up, though?
Also, unless the aforementioned boobs are remarkably perky the pockets might sit just above them, making them look further down? (Can you tell what shape I am, yet?)
Order both, try on, send back..

TheWolfpack Thu 28-Jul-11 16:10:06

stinkyfluffycat - I did think that too, but tbh I rarely do coats up - only if it was properly freezing and I was out on a long walk, and in those circumstances, I'm not sure I'd be bothered grin.

Think I'll order the parka in brown - I'll let you all know how I get on smile.

gregssausageroll Thu 28-Jul-11 17:49:41

first one. I await your feedback!

tethersend Thu 28-Jul-11 18:43:08

The second.

<too late>

Mumelie Thu 28-Jul-11 20:30:28

I have the 1st one and its fab, v flattering. The black is very soft (I am quite fair) not harsh and face draining. I am a 14 with a big chest and it fits fine. If your big across the back too though go up a size if you want a jumper underneath.

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