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I have £60 of Boden Vouchers

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BikeRunSki Thu 28-Jul-11 10:11:55

I got £60 of Boden vouchers for my birthday last November.
In Jan I found out I was pg, so I didn't spend them in the summer. TBH I never really like their summer stuff.
I kind of want to spend them now, but am 6 mnt pg, baby due in October.

What can I get? My feet are too big for Boden shoes, which is always the retail salvation of the pg lady!

I have wanted a red/white stripe Breton top for years, and now Johnny has done one, I don't know whether to get my normal size, size up or wait until a few weeks after baby is born (will there be any left?).
I quite fancy the Perfect Cosy Parker too, again size...

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