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The perfect silk/satin shirt?

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HomeEcoGnomist Wed 27-Jul-11 19:58:55

I am looking for one to wear to work, so my criteria may be quite specific -

cream/ivory colour
must not gape between the buttons (32G bust size)
not too short in the body - enough to tuck into a waste band and stay there
not cheap & nasty material, I want it to look decent after washing/cleaning
happy to spend a fair amount - although sadly Stella McCartney's lovely example is probably out of my price range

I've tried one in Hobbs, it was v disappoiting on the fit front.
Great Plains - horrible material

Any ideas??

tethersend Wed 27-Jul-11 22:11:33


Thomas Pink

LTEC Wed 27-Jul-11 22:52:11


monkeysmama Wed 27-Jul-11 22:56:11

I find Reiss great for shirts for those of us with larger chests.

wompoopigeon Wed 27-Jul-11 22:58:49

I was looking at them in Jaeger today- v nice.
Strangely M&S autograph has some nice looking ones, but they weren't pure silk, but polyester. You might find them a bit sweaty. They would be machine washable tho. Can't do links sorry as on iPhone.

HomeEcoGnomist Sun 31-Jul-11 21:46:26

Thanks ladies - I will check these out next week. The Thomas Pink one is closest to what I was seeing in my mind's eye.

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