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Save me from crystal tips look!!!

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sparkymummyof2 Wed 27-Jul-11 11:44:29

I have just longer than shoulder length hair which is blonde ish, thick and wavy on a good day, frizzy as hell on a bad. Frizz ease hair serum seems to help but have read lots of negative things about silicone for hair so am looking for some other miracle product. I tend to leave it to dry naturally as hate blow drying/straightening as I'm rubbish at it and often end up looking worse.

I used to have thick dead straight hair before puberty but since then its kind of gone wild!!

sparkymummyof2 Wed 27-Jul-11 13:57:22


byanymeans Wed 27-Jul-11 14:26:20

Lush Curly Wurly shampoo it is abit £££ but you need so little and it fab . Then put there Rand B cream though all my hair before I dry it by scrunching it with a micro fiber towel (or normal just takes a bit more time) till its damp and not dripping wet.
This works great for me and my very thick crystal tips hair (it was my nick name at schoolhmm) the best thing I find to is don't brush it a until your just going to wash it so it stays its curls, if I do brush it cus I have to I wear it up till I wash it again.
A good deep conditioner works great too once a fortnight ish ether from lush or home made (you tube has lots of ideas to follow)

TheLadyHare Wed 27-Jul-11 14:29:00

I have had a lot of success controlling my frizzy hair with a few drops of argan oil. I use Ojon shampoo and conditioner beforehand. The result is lovely sleek soft hair unlike the wiry brillo pad of old!

I wasn't so much a Crystal Tips, someone called me Wendolene which spurred me into action!



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