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Nip and Tuck Frown Fix

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chardom Tue 26-Jul-11 19:20:17

I have been told about this by a work colleague and was wondering if anyone has tried it, and more importantly, has it worked?

catinboots Tue 26-Jul-11 19:21:53

Botox. Ask many on here. I just had it done (for the 3rd) time today!

Best thing you'll ever do. You still look like you just less tired and less grumpy.

iloveeverton Tue 26-Jul-11 19:23:34

Its done nothing for me- neither did the tummy fix angry

TattyDevine Tue 26-Jul-11 20:44:06

At £10 + postage for 4ml, its nearly as expensive as Botox.

Botox works. If you are vain enough to try this, just get Botox.

Don't waste your money on something that doesn't work.

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