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Boden new clothes

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ameliagrey Tue 26-Jul-11 14:39:17

still waiting for my order- will probably be sadly disappointed but having bought practically no summer clothes at all this year am looking forward to a few new bits.

woopsidaisy Tue 26-Jul-11 15:06:20

Still waiting here too,*ameliagrey*!
Some have got their orders already though, thread going already somewhere in S&B...
I got my Autumn catalogue today-the first of many I presume! grin

Definitely only a couple of things I like,nearly all of which I have ordered in the preview. Hope they are nice.

ameliagrey Tue 26-Jul-11 17:02:42

well the order has arrived and 99% of it is going back. My love affair with Boden is over.

Rainy day mac- okay but a 10 is huge- in comparison with another Boden coat I have. Thinking of exchanging for an 8.

Velvet coat is horrible- the blue is bright, it's big as well and looks super dowdy on me.

Ruffle hem cord skirt is mediocre. Horrible yellow lining. Not a good fit- I am an 8-10 and it is tightish on waist.

Up town dress in purple is okay but not nice enough to keep and seriously over priced. Big fitting- thought it was a 10 but is an 8.

Double layer knot dress- seriously over priced and small fiting under bust. Pleats under bust make me look 6 months gone sad

Mohair cardis- disappointing-bottons start very low down and the mohair is very thing. the turquoise shade is super bright , and the grey is drab- both going back.

oh well, bank accont will be happy.

woopsidaisy Tue 26-Jul-11 17:24:24

Oh,what a shame ameliagrey.
The one thing about Boden,is that as they seem to do exactly the same clothes in slight variations each year,you can usually discount much of the stuff,as you have tried it on in previous years so know that it didn't suit already!
I am waiting for Jersey Dress, wrap jumper, wrap jersey top and twist jersey top.
Anyone got these yet? It is the length that usually scuppers me,as I am tallish.

polyhymnia Tue 26-Jul-11 17:28:38

amelia, thanks for warning on mohair cardis - was thinking of ordering.

My bank account will get some relief too. Many of the things I ordered also going back. Some are too small on/ under bust - eg, 'perfect' jersey dress which wasn't (probably more about me and my huge bust than Boden, but not very exciting anyway - not as good as their summer 'everyday jersey dress').

The Roma trousers are too baggy on the leg on me, and the navy I ordered them in isn't what my mum used to call a 'good navy', ie, it's too blue.

Also going back is the so-called 'fabulous' tunic which I was daft to order. Don't know what came over me, as I try to avoid bright, splashy Boden prints and could see this was likely to be both. And so indeed it was!

Things I'm keeping:

- nice long stripy jumper in grey and navy, though in theory I'm deciding which colour to return;

- 'everyday' tunic, in subdued animal print;

- retro print tunic, in lavender. Rather £££ even with 20% off, but had a similar one last year, from which I got lots of wear and compliments. So that's a rather 'safe' (boring?) choice, but I know it'll be something I can throw on for lots of occasions.

That's it. Neither the skirts nor the shoes attracted me this season and, though I'm pretty addicted to stripes, I confined myself to the jumper and didn't get the various Breton pieces. On accessories, only ordered one scarf - the patent satchel looks pretty good, but there are other bags on which I want to spend money more (Peony and Moore, etc).

ameliagrey Tue 26-Jul-11 17:43:34

oh dear to you too.

are the Roma trousers leggings or more like "proper" trousers?

The quality of the mohair cardis is poor- I bought a mohair cardi off Jigsaw Ebay outlet store a couple of weeks back for £25, lined with silk, and it's much nicer quality.

I am thinking about the tweed kilt but it reminds me of one I had when I was aged 7 so not sure if that's a good diea or not!

it is my intention as ever to wear more dresses and skirts...but maybe not Boden's.

I have my eye on a few tunic and things on the White Company site.

polyhymnia Tue 26-Jul-11 17:54:25

That (the WC) sounds a good idea - no splashy prints there.

I'd say the Roma tousers are like thick leggings more than anything else - not 'proper' trousers. I didn't like the material much. I'm not anti all 'artificial' fabrics, in fact have plenty of viscose things I like. But this reminded me a bit of 'crimplene' or similar - artificial in a bad way.

ameliagrey Tue 26-Jul-11 18:13:19

Roma trousers have that Nora Batty look on the website- wrinkly knees.

WC has some nice looking tunics/dresses but it drives me insane that they don't put the length on the website- I am short so on the models they look much shorter than on me- this can be a good or bad thing!

I am hoping to see their stuff in RL soon but have a 15% discount to be used online (only??).

polyhymnia Tue 26-Jul-11 18:14:51

Nora Batty is about it, I'd say! Should have looked at pic on site more closely, but anyway are winging their way back now ...

Gillybobs Tue 26-Jul-11 18:16:59

Polyhymnia how is the neckline on the retro tunic, Im busty and worried it might be quite high (ie. not flattering) ?

polyhymnia Tue 26-Jul-11 19:11:24

Well I'm super-busty and usually avoid necklines which aren't V-neck or scooped for that reason. It's neither of these, and, whilst not incredibly high, higher than I'd normally wear. But it does seem to suit me nonetheless - even DH, who is not that easy to please, thinks so.

I'm tall - don't know how much difference that makes. Also wore last winter's with a thickish silver/ pewter Boden belt, so perhaps this drew the eye down. Think I might try a chunkyish pendant too, for similar effect, with this year's print.

Mumelie Tue 26-Jul-11 20:17:37

I ordered the Roma trousers in black a size down, they fit well on the leg but are still big on the waist. Still not sure so they will probably go back. The perfect parka in black is great though - size wise spot on. I walk a lot so this will be great in the autumn, not warm enough for really cold weather though.

woopsidaisy Tue 26-Jul-11 20:48:41

Update-my stuff arrived!

The wrap jumper is nice,length mid-hip. I am 5'8'' tall. However,if you look at the photo on the link above,the neck line is a bit odd. And it just isn't sitting right. Need to ponder on that one.
Wrap top is too short for me.
Twist jersey top is nice, it finishes where it does on the model in the pic.
As usual,I will hold off for a few weeks to decide whether I really like anything enough to keep.
Awaiting jersey dress.
Can recommend this though. Very nice,especially for that price!

Gillybobs Tue 26-Jul-11 20:49:03

Thanks Polyhymnia, definitely worth a try then

Northernlurker Tue 26-Jul-11 21:37:47

Mine has come.

The uplifting top is not uplifting. It is in fact deadly dull!

The wrap top is lovely though. PERFECT neckline and a good fit on 5ft 3 size 22, H cup me grin

polyhymnia Tue 26-Jul-11 23:32:43

Wrap top sounds good, northernlurker. Glad you've found a top you like - sadly, wouldn't work for me, because it wouldn't be long enough to wear with trousers - I'm 5'9'' and have NO wish to display the dread 'camel's hoof'! Can see that, if you're 5'3'', such problems wouldn't arise.

Elliptic5 Wed 27-Jul-11 14:28:35

Am now awaiting my Boden order with trepidation - received the catalogue today and the Uptown Jersey dress I ordered in green, which looked a lovely colour on the website, looks hideous.

ameliagrey Wed 27-Jul-11 14:50:46

I have just returned the UPtown jersey dress in purple. It looked cheap and nasty and not worth the ££s.

Elliptic5 Wed 27-Jul-11 15:07:45

Yes, that's the impression I'm getting now, I don't think I would have ordered it if I had seen the catalogue first.

BranchingOut Wed 27-Jul-11 15:13:54

I normally order a few things from Boden each season, but I took a quick look at the website and got the impression of a definite price hike.

All the dress prices which previously seemed to start with a 7 or 8 are now starting with a 9....

PassTheTwiglets Wed 27-Jul-11 15:26:52

NorthernLurker, is this the wrap top you got? You sound a v.similar size/shape to me so would be good to have a recommended top smile it doesn't gape open at the bust, does it?

mippy Wed 27-Jul-11 15:34:47

The cardigan in my order arrived with a big hole in the shoulder!

higgle Wed 27-Jul-11 18:33:27

I had a letter today saying my "casual" dress has been delayed and won't be available until 22 August :-(

Northernlurker Wed 27-Jul-11 19:08:56

Pass yes that's it. Worn it to work today - v comfy and was complimented. The under wrap bit did tend to slip down a bit so am going to put a stitch in to hold it where I want it grin Doesn't gape though - is a good shape neck line on me just above the clevage line.

PassTheTwiglets Wed 27-Jul-11 20:39:20

I tend to pop out of wrap dresses, despite being told over and over again how brilliant they are for excess norkage... I might give that one a go then, thanks for the tip.

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