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The suitcase packing challenge

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Deaddei Tue 26-Jul-11 14:32:06

We are going to Portugal for 1 week on Saturday.
There is me, dh, dd and ds, and we are taking 3 medium sized suitcases.
I am determined to get by with havianas and a pair of sandals, but know the urge to take another pair (just in case) will come over me on Friday night.
There is a washing machine there if things get desperate.

At least I do not have to pack for all eventualities like going to Wales

Pfaffingabout Tue 26-Jul-11 20:41:57

It can be done! We're just back from 10 days in Tunisia - me, dh, dd and ds - and we had one medium large suitcase and 2 wheelie duffels. I did not need to take a cardigan as the air-conditioning was barely noticeable. I also did not need the beach towels as the hotel provided them, but the two sets of snokels and fins did get used. 3 sets of swimwear each also came in handy and next time I will buy myself a nice beach cover-up 'cos that sarong must have shrunk since the last time I wore it!

I'd go for the extra shoes - I took birkenstocks, Keen flip-flops, some funky pink ballet slippers, some heels and trainers. And I wore all of them! Although I only wore the trainers because we went on a camel ride!!

The dc were recycling the least dirty T for the trip home but you couldn't really tell 'cos they were both bent over their Nintendos.

Don't forget the large floppy hat and oversize sunglasses for the 20s filmstar in disguise look! Have a blast!

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