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Am boycotting White Stuff and Fat Face. Where next?

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messybessie Tue 26-Jul-11 11:47:39

I've had it. Their clothes just fall to pieces after a few washes or completely lose shape, hens come down etc.

Where next?

I'm not that keen on fashion but like to look decent. Like online shopping as long as not too much choice (like a nice ordered website rather than browsing catalogue).

Price is about right and a big fan of the whole dress/leggings combo for ease more than style.

Your advice ladies please.

messybessie Tue 26-Jul-11 11:48:13

Obviously that should be hems not hens grin

CarrieOakey Tue 26-Jul-11 11:49:02

I've had to replace 2 zips from white stuff skirts I have bought. Very pretty skirts very annoying though!

Gillybobs Tue 26-Jul-11 11:59:42

Boden, Great Plains, Mint Velvet (for smarter stuff), Monsoon, Autograph @ M&S

Obviously there are always Boden codes around and often Mint Velvet do a 25% off code in She Magazine

Northumberlandlass Tue 26-Jul-11 12:20:51

That is interesting about FF Messy, am still wearing stuff of their's from 3 seasons ago and all are still going strong! I don't own any White Stuff clothing so can't comment smile

higgle Tue 26-Jul-11 12:22:25

comptoir des cotonniers ? When I looked at the autumn clothes I thought they looked head and shoulders above the Boden and Brora early autumn stuff. I also had a Great Plains mini catalogue recently that had some nice things in it.

cmt1375 Tue 26-Jul-11 12:22:51

Mantaray at debenhams is similar in style to fat face etc. Not had any problems with there stuff

Hulababy Tue 26-Jul-11 12:24:52

I have loads of FF and WS clothes and not had any problems with them falling to buts, things coming off or loosing their shape and colour.

Hulababy Tue 26-Jul-11 12:25:22

Monsoon and next however - buttons are the worst for me from them, they fall off within weeks.

gapants Tue 26-Jul-11 12:25:35


oxcat1 Wed 27-Jul-11 15:46:15

Online, I've recently discovered Hush (although they currently have only a few sale items), Saltwater (although I don't like this summer's collection, but last winter's was lovely and I bought lots in the sale), and Wrap. All are quite expensive, but have very good sale discounts.

Hope something floats your boat!

HairBearz Wed 27-Jul-11 15:50:23

my FF top has just sprouted a hole right on the bosom!

Balconygarden Wed 27-Jul-11 15:52:44

Another vote for Mantaray, Debenhams - I love their dresses, knitwear, and combat trousers. Also some stuff from Seasalt Cornwall.

messybessie Wed 27-Jul-11 22:38:16

Bought a dress in the Monsoon sale yesterday which was lovely. Will check out the others. I think I'm going to try to muddle through til autumn then stock up on layers wink

Thecatsmum Thu 28-Jul-11 07:29:31

Totally agree about FF, Jigsaw aren't much better so I'm boycotting them both as well as Next (terrible quality lately). I posted a similar thread recently, both Reiss and Whistles were recommended, haven't had a chance to look at their clothes yet. A friend recommended Seasalt to me but when I searched on this site the comments about them were a bit hit and miss so I don't feel any further forward in my quest for a mid price, decent clothing line.

BikeRunSki Thu 28-Jul-11 07:33:14

Wear a lot of FF and WS and never had any problems with quailty.

Google also on Saltwater and Mistral. And Ness.

chocolateteabag Thu 28-Jul-11 08:16:09

IME Hush clothes always disappoint with their low quality. Even the sale stuff was awful and all went back. Knits are thin, pajamas made of cheap material - not worth the sale ££

DaisySteiner Thu 28-Jul-11 08:20:05

I had started going to Mistral a bit until one of their assistants came up to me 'just to let me know' that the shirts I was looking at were only available in small or medium, but they did large in other styles shock angry I'm only a size 10/12!!

Becaroooo Thu 28-Jul-11 08:23:09

I am another who thinks NEXT has gone really down hill quality wise, so much so I am cancelling my directory account!

The last 3 pairs of jeans I bought for ds1 were dire...knees out of them within 6 weeks!!!!

Have had lots of stuff from Tesco and asda however which is still going strong!............

beanlet Thu 28-Jul-11 08:44:15

Noa Noa if you have one near you. Lovely clothes, less expensive than Jigsaw etc, good sales, and they wear well.

I agree with the OP on FF and WS when it comes to anything in t-shirt material, but on that front Gap is now equally crap - thin t-shirts that stretch out of shape and bobble. My personal hates recently have been Hobbs and Laura Ashley - horrible cheap materials, especially knits and coats, and shoddy shoddy workmanship.

On t-shirts: once I would have sneered, but I am now a big fan of Dorothy Perkins generic t-shirts - good solid material and pretty cheap pricewise. Wouldn't buy anything else from there though.

beanlet Thu 28-Jul-11 08:48:00

Was going to add that I've never had any problems with WS clothes that are made out of woven cotton, knits, etc.

BalloonSlayer Thu 28-Jul-11 08:57:48

I have a beautiful ltop from Fat Face which I adored and was my special "going out and looking nice" top. I felt a million dollars in it. For about a month. Now it is my slobbing round the house top it is so bobbly, mis-shapen and lopsided.

Am not boycotting exactly but don't really but in there any more as I have never bought something that deteriorated so much (for the price) before in my life.

Agree with beanlet about DP t-shirts and vests. I also like their jeans. Fit well and nice and stretchy. They don't last forever but for £15 whose bitching?

BalloonSlayer Thu 28-Jul-11 08:58:07

erm that'd be who's

azazello Thu 28-Jul-11 11:46:28

I second great plains. They have/ had a fab sale recently and some really nice looking Autumn/winter stuff.

I hate WS. I have boobs so none of their tops fit me properly and are all amazingly tight on the upper arms.

catswipe Thu 28-Jul-11 12:11:39

Komodo tops are nice and wear well. Also love Apricot range at the moment.

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