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Day / Night cream under £10?

(8 Posts)
sundayb3st Mon 25-Jul-11 12:10:45

I'm trying to wean myself of my expensive creams and was wondering if any of you clever ladies can recommend a good day/night cream for under £10.
Thank you.

tuesdayafternoon1982 Mon 25-Jul-11 12:32:46

Nivea Q10 Visage Day/ Night creams are usually about a tenner but are often half price in supermarkets and chemists. Aldi also have a great skincare range - their serum is about £4 and has beaten Boots' Protect and Perfect and others in a number of blind product tests.

csemum Mon 25-Jul-11 18:41:37

I've tried everything (including creme de mer etc) but the best best best stuff is doublebase. They sell it in Boots and now ALL my friends are converted!

ENormaSnob Mon 25-Jul-11 19:29:54

I like olay daily fluid SPF 15.

Cheap as chips but fine on my skin.

lancashirewife Mon 25-Jul-11 19:39:01

I've been converted to organic coconut oil. I got some for Neals Yard - they have free delivery at the minute and its £4.10. And it doesn't smell of coconut! if that makes sense

Read about it here (scroll down for the info on skin care)

lancashirewife Mon 25-Jul-11 19:40:05


"Coconut oil is excellent massage oil for the skin as well. It acts as an effective moisturizer on all types of skins including dry skin. The benefit of coconut oil on the skin is comparable to that of mineral oil. Further, unlike mineral oil, there is no chance of having any adverse side effects on the skin with the application of coconut oil. Coconut oil therefore is a safe solution for preventing dryness and flaking of skin. It also delays wrinkles, and sagging of skin which normally become prominent with age. Coconut oil also helps in treating various skin problems including psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema and other skin infections. Therefore coconut oil forms the basic ingredient of various body care products such as soaps, lotions, creams, etc., used for skin care. Coconut oil also helps in preventing premature aging and degenerative diseases due to its antioxidant properties."

sundayb3st Tue 26-Jul-11 09:31:14

some great suggestions thanks you ladies. I'll look into all of them.

valiumredhead Tue 26-Jul-11 12:40:19

Olay do a really good range. I weaned myself off of expensive stuff too recently.

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