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Thinking of dyeing jeans-anyone had any success?

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Midge25 Sun 24-Jul-11 16:41:50

Have a pair of jeans - like the cut and fit, but not so keen on the wash, which is a bit too distressed for my liking: it's distressing me, put it that way! grin Am thinking of dyeing them a denimy-indigo colour - I seem to recall Dylon used to do a range you could use in the washing machine. Has anyone tried this? Did it work? And where can I get the dye from? TIA

ElectricSoftParade Sun 24-Jul-11 16:45:57

Am wearing mine with pride as I type this! Had a pair of jeans which were just too faded, got some of the Indigo Dylon stuff, in the washer and they came out perfect. Give it a go, it is really easy.

However, you may find you begin searching through your clothes looking for more things to dye...

thenightsky Sun 24-Jul-11 17:11:32

Yes...dylon one in machine is fab. I also revived some very faded black ones back to like new.

Midge25 Sun 24-Jul-11 20:17:39

Cool - am encouraged. Where can I buy this stuff?

dustyhousewithdustypeople Sun 24-Jul-11 20:21:51

I love dying things and jeans seem to work particularly well. I got carried away and did all of mine- a bit boring now as they all look the same.

I get dye in John Lewis, The Range or online. There's one called 'jeans blue' which is good.

dustyhousewithdustypeople Sun 24-Jul-11 20:22:35

I think I meant 'dyeing' things, not 'dying' things!

BikeRunSki Sun 24-Jul-11 20:31:47

dunelm too I think, Wilkos, John Lewis, Haberdashery shops, old fashioned ironmongers.... you need 500g salt too per pack, 1 pack willl do I pair jeans.

Beware - "jeans blue" = navy, not indigo.

kyacat Sun 24-Jul-11 20:35:41

I dye jeans using Dylon, I just did a pair today and I'm so pleased with them! smile You can get Dylon from most supermarkets, at the soap powder aisle.

I love Next jeans but they do like to ruin a good pair of jeans with seriously hideous fading and distressing. White stripes running down my arse? No thanks. They fit me so well I buy them and dye them!

kyacat Sun 24-Jul-11 20:37:53

Oh btw, get the powder Dylon as opposed to the liquid dye, it is such a faff. And get the one with salt added and it's even less bother.

Check the box to see if you need salt. On more than one occasion I have arrived home ready to get dyeing, only to realise I need salt and have to wait and go back to the shop!

TattyDevine Sun 24-Jul-11 20:49:16

Yep done it, make sure the dye doesn't get stuck in the rubbery bit of the washing machine door, and if it does, don't drag out a massive heavy load full of expensive bed linen thus staining it blue and having to bleach it out wink

ellangirl Sun 24-Jul-11 22:06:20

I have just done some jeans of mine along with some of my DS's trousers which were looking a bit faded. They look a bit 70s now to me (well they are flares), but it worked really well-nice even colour. The stitching won't dye, so when the jeans are dyed darker, the stitching stands out even more. In my opinion, dye is best for refreshing things i.e. dying in a similar colour to what they already are.

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