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Swing cardigans for girls

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used2bthin Sun 24-Jul-11 09:36:01

I found a lovely yellow swing cardigan in Next for DD who is nearly 5 but probably needs age 6 clothes at least. I waited till I had money to get her some new stuff and its gone. Closest I can find is Boden but they are £26 shock . Anyone seen any? Preferably yellow but navy, red or grey would do.

Plus any other recommendations for clothes once children are oout of the under fives stuff- I used to love getting DD clothes but can't find anything nice now she is in bigger sizes. She needs cotton ideally as has excema and psoriasis and she will only wear loose stuff, leggings etc these days.

NerfHerder Sun 24-Jul-11 09:46:14

H£M sometimes have nice ones, or boden off ebay wink

used2bthin Sun 24-Jul-11 09:53:24

Ah good idea, have not been on ebay for ages. We don't have h and m here but will look online, thanks had forgotten them, they are good at the all cotton stuff.

moragbellingham Sun 24-Jul-11 10:33:55

Only one button though.

vjg13 Sun 24-Jul-11 10:38:43

Asda had some in the school bit last year in red and navy.

purplepidjin Sun 24-Jul-11 10:50:49

Used2bethin, I make clothes for kids, pm me iff you like

Try etsy and folksy for handmade stuff, you might be more likely to find the right fabric there?

used2bthin Mon 25-Jul-11 07:46:39

john Lweis one is cute, thanks, free delivery too I think. purplepidjin thanks will check that out is that your site?

purplepidjin Mon 25-Jul-11 08:58:48 and are sites where people who hand make things can sell them - kinda like debenhams but you won't have heard of the brands wink

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