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Please help me find a dress that is not a maternity dress, but will accomodate my (ahem) ever changing pregnancy shape *scoffs packet of biscuits*.

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saltyseadog Sat 23-Jul-11 22:04:34

I'm 14 weeks pregnant with dc3. I am at that horrid in between stage of having started to pile on weight (I get biiiig in pregnancy), but not quite at the stage of needing maternity frocks. Thankfully.

Any ideas as to dresses I could wear? With extra weight/ small bump/ bigger norks I am a 14 - 16, and also 5'11". I need to be smart for work, but I don't want to spend an absolute fortune as dc3 is my last and I hope never to have this bodyshape again grin.

Please help me S&B experts...

coastgirl Sat 23-Jul-11 22:09:22

I've worn one of the Boden empire-line jersey (non-maternity) dresses thoughout my pregnancy, right into the 3rd trimester, and it's been pretty forgiving. I have a couple shaped similarly (basically like this that have also worked.)

saltyseadog Sat 23-Jul-11 22:13:26

I was looking at the Boden dresses earlier. I'm not normally a huge fan of Boden for me (love it for the dcs), but I am starting to think that some of their dresses would be the best option given my current shape.

MrsBloomingTroll Sun 24-Jul-11 07:15:05

Another vote for Boden I'm afraid...they do sell a lot of very flattering/forgiving tops and dresses with tunic/empire lines. And you can wear them after pregnancy to cover mummy-tummy.

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