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Disappointed to see Kate Moss on the Dior advert or is it just me?

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AuntieMaggie Sat 23-Jul-11 00:11:59

I always thought of Dior as a quality brand but now I've seen Kate Moss on the TV ad it's put me off a bit - not quite the image I go for when choosing Dior...

PeopleCallMeTricky Sat 23-Jul-11 00:18:47

I've always gone for rimmel, so I now feel like I'm quite posh grin

momini Sat 23-Jul-11 14:12:23

Hee hee thought it was just me. Saw the ad last night and even DH (who is a big Kate Moss fan) thought it was horrid, he kept trying to figure out why they put 'a younger girls makeup' on her eyes smile

HarperSeven Sat 23-Jul-11 14:55:17

Agree. What happened to Natalie Portman?

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