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slim cargos

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kittydreamer Fri 22-Jul-11 17:33:22

I have bought some slim legged cargo pants in navy. Has anyone got any suggestions for tops that look good with this style? I am casual and thick waisted but these are flattering. Hope you can advise.

Mumelie Fri 22-Jul-11 17:42:18

Oh me too (just bought in navy in sales), watching for ideas!

RedwingWinter Fri 22-Jul-11 18:04:44

Me too! though mine are a camo green, also in the sale. Today I'm wearing them with a long black t-shirt, a metallic bronze belt, and a studded leather wristband.

meltedchocolate Fri 22-Jul-11 19:20:32

I wear mine with heels and a printed t-shirt (not like a floral print but like a cartoon or something like it). Going for the trendy but chilled look. (??!)

meltedchocolate Fri 22-Jul-11 19:20:54

(mine are also camo green)

prolificwillybreeder Fri 22-Jul-11 19:55:11

kitty could you tell me where you got your navy ones from? Are the skinny or just slim? Thank you smile

Northumberlandlass Fri 22-Jul-11 20:20:38

Prolific, I bought some skinny cargo pants in Fat Face yesterday in the sale £45 reduced to £20. I would say mine are skinny not slim.

Wore mine today with vest top, fitted Cardigan & flats.

kittydreamer Fri 22-Jul-11 20:32:18

they are by jackpot and slim more than skinny got them in the sale from 70 to 49 ponds in a shop in Aldeburgh,

prolificwillybreeder Fri 22-Jul-11 20:34:54

Thank you, I'll have a look online

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Sat 23-Jul-11 11:30:37

I like to wear mine with heels, a loose-ish silk vest and a cropped cardigan or little cape thing for going out.

In the day. I like them with a fairly fitted t-shirt, a longer (bum length) cardigan and ballet flats.

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