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Has anyone been to the Titanic Spa, Huddersfield?

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WhyIsTheRumAlwaysGone Fri 22-Jul-11 17:25:13

DM and I are looking at going on a one night break so I can escape and have some quiet give DP and DS some quality time together. grin Has anyone one been or know of any experiences people have had?

WestYorkshireGirl Fri 22-Jul-11 21:54:36

I'm going in mid Aug. Have read mixed reviews on Trip Advisor so am just trying one of their Sunset Evenings which are a lot cheaper than a full day. A friend rented a flat in the mill complex and it was a bit run-down in terms of landscaping and a bit un-finished, but when I went into the reception area of the spa itself to get a leaflet, it seemed ok. If you're W Yorks based, I've been here before - was very reasonable, but small.

sleepymare Fri 22-Jul-11 23:04:10

I have and it's gorgeous! Food is out of this world and treatments fab but a bit pricey (although depends on if you want treatments or are happy lounging by pool and in sauna etc). Agree about the rooms - although I didn't think they were particularly run down, rather I think they were trying to go for 'rustic' look IYSWIM. Not to everyones taste I suppose but there again how much time would you actually be spending in them?

WhyIsTheRumAlwaysGone Sat 23-Jul-11 14:29:49

Thank you both for your replies DM has booked us a night for two weeks time so I will let you know what it is like WYG

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