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Spray tan recommendations needed...

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catinboots Fri 22-Jul-11 10:56:05

I'm planning on having a spray tan next week for my hen night, but am not sure which one to go for!

I have had a couple before but not for aaaages. I'm quite fair so don't want to look too orange. Also, I hate the ones that smell.

I had one once which I think was called Coco Bay or something? IIRC it smelt coconutty not spray-tanny. Has any one else had that one?


clucky80 Fri 22-Jul-11 11:10:05

Hi Cat, I have had the St Tropez one quite a few times. I am quite fair skinned so if you have one 'coat' it looks very natural. I can't go in the sun without v high protection because of medication I take so before I go on holiday I would have 2 coats (like a wall!) - I am the brownest person going out on the plane and the palest person coming home! I haven't had the coconutty one but I know some people who have had Fake Bake spray tan and they like that. The St Tropez does whiff a bit overnight and I would get it done in the evening as if you go out with a spray tan without having washed it off, you can take on a very strange almost green colour! Sorry, I'm not selling it here, it is really good though after. Just make sure you exfoliate like mad before hand and don't put any fake tan on this week so your skin is nice and even with no left over patches. Don't use deodorant or any moisturiser when you have the tan and get your waxing/ shaving done at least 24 hours before. What I do is get home from work and have a quick shower before going for the tan. Also, bring dark clothes with you to put on afterwards and flip flops. I love trying new things though so I'll be very interested in hearing other peoples' recommendations. Enjoy your hen!

catinboots Fri 22-Jul-11 17:48:42

I've just booked for a St Tropez one next week gringrin

PollyRoxs Fri 22-Jul-11 17:53:59

I have had the fake bake spray tan a few times. Like clucky I go for spray tan before hols. Fake bake has 2 shades, I am quite fair so go for the lightest. This suits me and looks "natural". I have only light waft over my face but a good coat everywhere else.

I always go the evening before so it can take overnight, beware if you have pale bed sheets, though It does wash off easily. I usually think the tan effect is better the second day after it is done and no lingering whiff.

Deaddei Fri 22-Jul-11 18:09:18

I am having a ST TRopez next week but not the spray one. She will exfoliate me and do it by hand as it were.
I too go on holiday browner than I come home!

louloubellamozzarella Fri 22-Jul-11 18:46:52

Sienna X is good too - that and Fake Bake are the same as far as I've experienced but Sienna X seems to be a bit cheaper around here. It's really worth looking around for offers as they go from £15 to up to £35 for the same treatment in my area!

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