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Want a glossy bob again

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Wantaglossybobagain Thu 21-Jul-11 17:42:40

Calling all hair colour experts. I've got fine mid brown (rapidly greying) hair in a short bob. Had never coloured it until 2 years ago when greys started to take over, and then very reluctantly. I now have it coloured 3 times a year at the hairdressers with a semi-permanent.

I am really concerned about the condition of it. Doesn't look too bad from a distance, but the ends are really dry and a lot are split, despite regular cuts, conditioning etc. Is this what hair colour does? Feel like I have to choose between two evils -unattractive grey streaks or split ends.

I do wash my hair every day,which I know doesn't do it much good but roots get greasy and l feel REVOLTING when it's not washed.

Anyone with similar experiences and/or solutions TIA!

chipstick10 Thu 21-Jul-11 18:18:35

You can certainly colour your hair more than three times a year. With semis you can do it really really regularly. I do mine every three or four weeks but you have to up conditioning treatments. I use philip Kingsly elastisicer, its a miricle in a jar. You will certainly have a glossy bob again.

Wantaglossybobagain Thu 21-Jul-11 23:05:39

Thank you so much chipstick; I googled this product and apparently it's for people with fine mature hair -that's me!!!! I'll give it a go.

Sourdough Thu 21-Jul-11 23:47:13

I get a 'natural glossing' semi-perm colour at Toni and Guy and, combined with a dollop of Moroccan oil on my wet hair before I blow dry, my hair is very shiny. Can highly recommend both colour and oil.

TattyDevine Fri 22-Jul-11 06:46:35

Yep you should be able to get away with this. Try those products mentioned.

I would challenge the need to wash every day in someone old enough to be greying (premature aside - I'm assuming you are in your 30's or older). I know you find it greasy and wrong if you don't, but your hair sort of "needs" to be washed as much as you will wash it - i.e it sounds like your scalp is producing excess oil because you are washing it each day.

You could try and experiment where you discipline yourself to only wash every 2nd day. Buy some dry shampoo (you can even buy ones for Brown hair these days, less "dull roots" ish - and do that for a week or a fortnight. I guarantee you by the end of the fortnight your scalp will adapt to being washed every 2nd day and not produce so much oil. Make sure you don't run your hands through your hair a lot or "scalp fiddle" or anything...this will also produce oil.

I find dry shampoo works almost better if you spray it liberally to your roots at night and don't really rub it in or brush it out, but just leave it. You might look a knob depending if you buy a tinted one or just a white one but I find if you use it the night before you would normally wake up greasy, it will absorb the oil as its being produced, rather than trying to "undo" oilyness using it. Also, I find the greyish dullish roots thing doesn't happen so much then. When I use it the night before, I basically wake up with clean looking hair which is also shiny. What's not to like!!!

Of course this may not be for you, you might just want to continue washing every day for styling reasons (particulary with a bob) so just ignore me if that's the case, but I thought I'd pitch it to you in case you were looking for a way to wash less, and failing that, it might help someone else.

Good luck!

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