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Does shocking pink and ecru go together?

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coffeecake Thu 21-Jul-11 16:02:10

Hi I bought DD a shocking pink occasion dress from next and a bolero, although the bolero is ecru, it has pink sequins on it, so I thought they would go together, however now that I got it home I think they look weird together, but DH says it's ok (but he would say that in any case).
Do those colours go together generally? I'm not colour blind but I know that I can sometimes be extra fussy when actually it's not too bad, so I'm just checking.

PickleSarnie Thu 21-Jul-11 16:23:02

Definitely. I think it's a lovely combination.

DukesOfTripHazard Thu 21-Jul-11 16:27:33

Nice I'd have thought.

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