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Fake Tan Recommendations

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kerfuzzled Wed 20-Jul-11 19:56:27


I am braving a dress in a few weeks time was hoping for no tights but my legs are far to pale to be out in public. Would you all be kind enough to share your best brands and any tips for applying as I am a bit of a fake tan virgin.

Thanks smile

Rubiesandrainbows Wed 20-Jul-11 22:27:50

Hi smile

I use st tropez mouse AND the loreal spray one for hard to reach places only (its not that great to want it everywhere, trust me....)

Always put on gloves that are none latex or you will smell like condom and it wont go after a shower!

Moisterise knees, feet and elbows with any moisterisor but put enough on and run it in

With your spray do back and shoulders and back of neck. Can do tummy too. Thats it for the spray.

Get out mouse:

do calves first down to feet on each leg, and including feet, all over and attention to the toes (by the time you get to the feet you wont have that much fake tan left on your hands, and thats fine)

then thighs all the way up, I so bum cheeks too - no point not getting good coverage.

Upper arms - squirt fake tan on, rub hands together and each hand will do the opposite arm

Under arms and sides (dont forget underarms, its a tell of a fake tan)

Boobs and all area up to and including neck.

Tops of shoulders and arms, join up any areas that you sprayed.


Lower arms.

* at this point wash your hands in the gloves and dry them in the gloves and remove them and only come back to finish the backs of your hands and face when you are ready to get into bed, this avoids any hand washing situation, or teeth cleaning leaving water streakes in your fake tan *

Before bed clean teeth (do not dribble water down your arms! It will wash the tan off!, do anything you need to that involves water

Put headband/hairband on to scrape hair away from face

Moisterise face

Put gloves back on and fake tan face, including eyelids right up to hairline (it will go in your hair, dont worry) and all over joining the already done neck, and do tops of ears too

Use a tissue to wipe eyebrows and lips (stay in the lip line tho)

Wash gloves again and take off - you are done with the gloves.

Moisterise hands

squirt fake tan on back of one hand and run in with the back of the other hand - do not let it near your palms.

Use the same technique to apply to fingers and use the backs of the fingers to make sure you get the spaces in between the fingers just a little.

Use the excess on the back of your hands to merge in at the wrist.

Do not use anything other than a strapless bra or no bra in bed, wear as little as possible. Because you did your body earlier, you wont have the sticky sheets thing - yuk!

All done til tomorrow when you will shower it off and moisterise smile

For each section of leg I use a full 3 squirts. For all other areas I squirt 3 times, rub hands together and then use the fake tan on each hand to so the left hand and right hand areas (like left hand does right boob and vice versa)

iwantbeer Wed 20-Jul-11 22:35:15

Great detail rubies although i use a mitt to apply loreal sublime gel. It comes out the tube brown so you can see where you're applying.

Sleepwhenidie Wed 20-Jul-11 22:36:17

Alternatively, try St Tropez everyday moisturiser and build it up over a few days to see how you go. Exfoliate before first day of application and keep a careful eye on feet and ankles each day, you may find you want to skip an odd day for them as they tend to grab colour more and will look darker than your legs, especially if you shave. To keep the tan even you will need to take a break every few days and exfoliate too.

Rubiesandrainbows Wed 20-Jul-11 22:41:23

Iwantbeer the mouse is brown too - its really helpful isnt it smile

Interestingly, I dont bother with the whole exfolitation thing, but I do only FT every 3 days.

The St trop everyday stuff is really good tho, and you can do this every 2 days and have a great golden tan (its not coloured tho, which means harder application, but cleaner sheets!) smile

Rubiesandrainbows Wed 20-Jul-11 22:42:18

PMSL @ the "mouse" is brown....! Of course, I meant mousse grin

kerfuzzled Thu 21-Jul-11 17:07:50

thank you for the tips and the detailed explanation rubies I will give it a try, not until end of august but i'll have a practice before then

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