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I need a fabulous dress, but I have a looong list of needs.

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Ilythia Wed 20-Jul-11 18:03:31

I have a wedding to go to in 3 weeks. The weightloss has not totally gone to plan so the outfit I had chosen looks ridiculous. I need help!

I am tall (5'9), size 20, v large boobage but with under boob 'roll' I haven't been able to shift, so nothing that elastics in under the boobs as I look pregnant. Which I am not.
Dark hair, olive skin, but I prefer muted colours, I do not do well in brights
Needs to be longish so I can bend to toddler wrangle.

I would be happy in separates that I can wear again (original outfit was tunic and leggings)

Budget about £50 MAX but it needs to be sold somewhere I can physically go and try it on as I am travelling a lot over the next few weeks so can't be around to try on post/send back if no good.

Please help, I look such a mess normally and I really need to impress at this wedding. tia

themildmanneredjanitor Wed 20-Jul-11 18:05:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

themildmanneredjanitor Wed 20-Jul-11 18:06:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

themildmanneredjanitor Wed 20-Jul-11 18:06:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ilythia Wed 20-Jul-11 18:19:15

OOh, I like the second, would that fail the horiozontal stripe rule? I like the thought of a belt to hide worst bits as well.
First I am not sure on. I tried on a dress in tk maxx with chiffon 'boob cover' and it looked like I was wearing a bfing tent hmm grin

themildmanneredjanitor Wed 20-Jul-11 18:20:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AutumnWitch Wed 20-Jul-11 21:23:55

Apparently some scientists (who probably should have being doing something else) tested out the horizontal stripe rule and found the opposite was true. They supposedly make it harder to work out where you end whereas if you wear vertical stripes it's obvious just how many across you are IYSWIM.

Try on the stripes - it's lovely, it looks a bit Missoni???

Ilythia Thu 21-Jul-11 11:24:37

grin I will hunt it out. I also have a wedding in october so would work well for that too in autumny colours...

WIll keep you updated!

archanat10 Thu 21-Jul-11 14:36:20


i personally love the DP one. Don't know if still in your budget. but not can try out a really nice bargain smile

JanMorrow Thu 21-Jul-11 15:44:05

I got a nice dress for wedding attendence on asos after despairing of what was on offer in monsoon etc.. but dorothy perkins have a gorgeous looking one with butterflies on at the moment -

flowery butterflies from DP

Take a look at their dresses, there's a few nice ones there.

Ilythia Thu 21-Jul-11 20:06:45


Ilythia Thu 21-Jul-11 20:07:33

That's weird, didn't click post. anyway what do we think of this

Ilythia Thu 21-Jul-11 20:08:24

That dress is lovely, but I can tell that it wouldn't work, too much boob for tops like that unfortunately.

archanat10 Fri 22-Jul-11 08:48:31

Let me know if you need a bargain could try to get you a nice deal smile

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