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will everyone point and laugh at my shoes-

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Tutti Tue 19-Jul-11 06:41:32

they are like birkenstocks mules? from american eagle

but they are the only closed shoes i own-apart from some nike trainers for gyn] and I'm coming to england next week. what if it rains?

I only have fitflops or birkis.

I don't really want to spend money on shoes i won't wear again.

Should I get some nice some niice ballet slippers?

allhailtheaubergine Tue 19-Jul-11 06:43:37

They sound fine to me.

Isn;t it raining in England at the moment?

Tutti Tue 19-Jul-11 06:47:54

I think it is yes.

I will wear them then. They are nice ,I wear them here on colderhmm days and they get compliments but they are not really that stylish.But they colour coordinate with everything I own so thats a bonus i guess?

senua Tue 19-Jul-11 06:51:30

When in Rome ...

Wait until you get here and buy what the locals buy. New Look, who have branches everywhere, have some ridiculously cheap shoes which are not bad quality actually.

senua Tue 19-Jul-11 06:52:46

And, yes it is raining. Of course it's raining; it's "summer". hmmgrin

Tutti Tue 19-Jul-11 07:50:29

Thanks senua

Well I just tried on said shoes with couple of outfits and I need some ballet pumps or suchlike.

what do we think of driving shoes/moccasins?

are they fashionable/comfy- comfort is my priority- I don't like sore feet!!!

Colours -bronze or tan-to go with everything.

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