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I need the world's best looking and most comfortable shoes please

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RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Mon 18-Jul-11 18:05:25

I need shoes that will look okay with jeans or a dress and that it is possible to walk miles in whilst looking reasonably stylish. I would prefer them to be tan or grey, rather than black. By walking I mean sight-seeing/shopping/general wandering in cities, rather than 'walking' in the sense of raincoats, flasks and sheep. Do these shoes exist?

CoteDAzur Mon 18-Jul-11 18:06:43

Yes, at Jimmy Choo.

EssentialFattyAcid Mon 18-Jul-11 18:06:46


RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Mon 18-Jul-11 18:15:01

I just can't bring myself to consider Fitflops - anyway it's England and it could well chuck it down all summer, in which case I need more foot cover, I guess.

Cote - will just sort out the bank robbery now and then I'll get you a couple of pairs too! smile

CoteDAzur Mon 18-Jul-11 18:29:05

Rather than buying three pairs, buy one pair of Jimmy Choos. Walk a mile in them or dance all night. They are like slippers.

mepsopie Mon 18-Jul-11 18:39:26

Yes I agree. Jimmy Choo all the way. I have danced at many weddings in mine felt like i was in slippers.

Bicester outlet has them at bargin prices

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Mon 18-Jul-11 18:47:34

It's schlepping shoes I'm after though. You know, shoes that will take me around The british Museum then walk me to the National Gallery then walk me all along Southbank AND Selfridges! smile

mepsopie Mon 18-Jul-11 18:54:17

They do flat pump type shoes and kitten heels too.....

If you want flats try pretty ballerinas?

MotherPanda Mon 18-Jul-11 18:59:11

well... clarks are always comfy, but i'm not sure their summer shoes are always the best looking.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Mon 18-Jul-11 19:01:59

I get work shoes from Clarks but I haven't found any wonderfully comfortable ones there in years. Even my Clarks Converse-alikes hurt my feet! I think I probably need a v v small squishy wedge.

phatcat Mon 18-Jul-11 19:05:22

Trippen, Art Company, Camper, Oxygen

nokissymum Mon 18-Jul-11 19:09:08

remus you dont ask for much do you ?shock
since when did "comfortable" and " stylish" go hand in hand ? hmm

If you find any please let me know grin

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Mon 18-Jul-11 19:13:04

Okay - stylish was a bit ambitious. How about 'comfortable and not looking like old tyres?'

LaurieFairyCake Mon 18-Jul-11 19:17:20

Oh what a load of rot - Jimmy Choo shoes are 'taxi' shoes (and dancing when pissed shoes) - you can't walk down streets in them during the day - you can mince and businessmen will approach you for a shag but they're still stilettoes and not comfy. (yes, I do have 2 pairs that I have fallen over at weddings in)

Foot coverage I would go for Ecco or Camper - but I wear fitflops all summer until fitflop boots - what about the Fitflop clogs? they have a nice pair in black patent - not very summery though?

LaurieFairyCake Mon 18-Jul-11 19:18:56

fit flop 'trainers' in the sale in tan?

mumblechum1 Mon 18-Jul-11 19:19:57

marking place for inspiration

Bellethebelltent Mon 18-Jul-11 19:29:30

Fly jerba ( sp?) fabby, always get great comments and a dream to walk in, about £80 but sales about at the mo!

Bellethebelltent Mon 18-Jul-11 19:30:17

Meant yerba **

LaurieFairyCake Mon 18-Jul-11 19:33:47

I've got these Fly wedges and they're quite comfy but I'd go for the yana ones if you want even more coverage

doglover Mon 18-Jul-11 19:44:19

I'd second the Fit Flop 'trainers' - so comfortable and cunningly disguised so that they're not too obviously Fit Flops!!

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Mon 18-Jul-11 20:12:44

Oh dear. Don't like those Fitflop things (I can imagine they'd be just about okay with jeans but surely not with a dress?) and the Fly ones are even worse, sorry. I've got some (better looking!) Fly wedges but they are v v uncomfortable because I think they are actually a bit too wide for my narrow feet, so my feet slip a bit in them. Sorry - am being v fussy. I HATE shoes at the best of times tbh.

ChuckYouFarlie Mon 18-Jul-11 20:15:27

Ooh yes, Camper shoes are very comfy. Also Shoon sells all manner of shoes (their own brand plus many others), some hideous and some gorgeous - but ALL of them are comfy smile

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Mon 18-Jul-11 20:21:09

Googling Camper now. Can Shoon be bought on the high street, or just online?

Mytholmroyd Mon 18-Jul-11 20:39:19

I have some of these - lovely leather and incredibly comfy even first wear. Love them!

CoteDAzur Mon 18-Jul-11 22:40:32

Laurie - Our taste in shoes is just too different. I would not bring home those Fly wedges you linked to even if the store paid me, and it seems unfathomable to me that OP would find them stylish.

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