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minx nails and fungal infection ?

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mumto2andnomore Mon 18-Jul-11 16:03:45

My friend has brought me a voucher for minx toenails before my holiday but what she doesnt know is that I have a bad fungal infection on one toenail. I doubt the salon will want to go anywhere near it, have googled but cant find out for sure. Am too embarrassed to tell her, how do I explain why I havent had it done ?
What was a lovely thought is really stressing me out ! sad

miche8 Mon 18-Jul-11 17:11:38

Why don't you phone the salon, they won't know who you are then.

I just had one done and i'm very disappointed, as the very next day i lost one, then late in the day another, had to use the hairdryer to stick the corners down on the others, i'd only had one shower too, no baths. Won't be having it done again.

apple99 Mon 18-Jul-11 17:20:23

miche8 you should go back to the salon and get them re-done, that is really not good enough.

mumto2 I would ring up the salon and ask, if not can you use the voucher for something else? A manicure or lash/brow tint?

hifi Mon 18-Jul-11 18:04:49

i have a fungal infection on a finger nail,the salon just pops some anti fungal lotion on it,if it does all kinds of false nails they will be used to seeing fungal infections as they are very common in false nails.

mepsopie Mon 18-Jul-11 18:43:48

I had an infection down one side of my big toe nail. Wouldn't go for a pedicure. One day I was so fed up with my feet I booked myself in. I felt really embarrassed but told the lady before she even looked.

She didn't even bat an eyelid. Just put on a pair of gloves (salon policy anyway) and carried on.

She has after all probably 'seen it all before'

chickydoo Mon 18-Jul-11 18:46:40

I've had a fungal infection under both big toe nails for years. Use tea tree from time to time which helps. Wouldn't go for a pedi though.

baffledmum Mon 18-Jul-11 20:40:47

I've had mixed experiences with Minx too unfortunately. The salon I go to are fab at repairs but I don't like to ask too often. With high heels the big toe Minx sometimes gets rubbed back (guess my shoes are a bit small - don't tell my mum!). This month I've tried a product called Gelish - so far, so fabulous!

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