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What Perfume do you Wear in the Autumn/Winter??

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CDMforever Mon 18-Jul-11 13:22:10

Really easy to find a gorgeous summer fragrance but what do you wear in the autumn winter months?
Got an august birthday coming up and don't want to bother with a summer fragrance as autumn looms.....

madammecholet Mon 18-Jul-11 13:36:53

same as spring/summer........Chanel Allure... tis lovely.

Littlepumpkinpie Mon 18-Jul-11 13:49:48

I also wear the same Knowing is my favourite smile

applecrumbleandcream Mon 18-Jul-11 14:47:56

I wear heavier perfume. I like Euphoria and also Gucci Guilty.

ENormaSnob Mon 18-Jul-11 15:53:09

I like euphoria but dh doesn't.

I like clinique happy and happy in bloom in summer.

Will probably stick to Stella macartney for winter.

LuckyMrsT Mon 18-Jul-11 16:23:21

Chanel No. 5 is my 'winter' perfume although I really fancied wearing it yesterday so I did.

ComradeJing Mon 18-Jul-11 17:17:09

Chanel 19 for me or bvlgari red tea.

Gillybobs Mon 18-Jul-11 17:36:07

Coco Mademoiselle or Estee Lauder Sensuous , both quite musky but not too overpowering

Pippinella Mon 18-Jul-11 17:41:34

Gucci Rush always reminds me of Autumn/Winter

brookeslay Mon 18-Jul-11 18:21:48

Religion warm orange quirky bottle or Naughty Alice westwood

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