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size 18-20 needing holiday attire ideas please

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needsomeideasplease Mon 18-Jul-11 10:13:35

Hi have name changed for this but am desperate for advice please.
Next month i'm going on my very first hot beach holiday abroad. It will be just me and 4year old DS who has autism.

I don't have a clue what to wear, I am 5ft 10 and size 18-20. I will look too big in a bikini- very fat stomach sad What should I wear instead? Am taking DS to a water park so will need swim wear. Also looking for ideas for day wear. I don't have an awful lot of £ but at the moment live in black leggings and baggy tunic tops which will be no good in the Canaries.

Any help greatly appreciated.

needsomeideasplease Mon 18-Jul-11 10:26:11

oh and i'm 29 if that helps

homeaway Mon 18-Jul-11 11:35:57

I think I would stay clear of the bikini as if you go down the water shoots you might find yourself more exposed than you would like, I would go for an all in one. Landsend. co .uk have some nice ones but they are still pricey even in the sale at around 49 Pounds. They do have a an all over control range with a balconette style. The quality is very good and you would have it for years. For the dayhow about simple dresses with a cardi or stole for the evening? Have you tried a maxi dress before? I was at a party at the weekend and everyone was wearing them . If not you could swap the leggings for wide legged trousers in cotton or linen and wear tunic tops with them. With the sales on at the moment you should be able to find some bargains. If you have an honest friend take them shopping with you and get her opinion. Try lots of different things on, even things that you would not normally wear and see what you like. HTH and enjoy the holiday smile

slug Mon 18-Jul-11 12:42:18

Am your size, though a tad shorther. I find this brand are quite flattering and sturdy. Check before you buy though, I find that although I'm an 18-20 I tend to need a 16 in the swimsuit.

In hot countries, it pays to invest in a light shirt to go over your swimsuit. Something with sleeves. This stops you from burning. Both DD and I who are pale skinned celts will wear the overshirt in the water if we are swimming during the middle part of the day. I also recommend a sarong, which can double as an emergency towell or skirt. I'm obsessed about sunburn (was raised in the Antipodes) so don't forget a hat as well.

Muy summer wardrobe consists of shorts, vest tops and cover shirts. I usually take a dress for the evenings, long so the mozzies don't get me, but i find the thigh rub prevents me from wearing them during the day.

Finally, there's no point going on holiday and being uncomfortable. Buy stuff that you are comfortable in and to hell the opinions of others.

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