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Saggy tummy post-pg, spare skin!

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OhWesternWind Mon 18-Jul-11 08:33:11

After I had my two children and lost weight subsequent to that, I have developed a horrible pleated and dimpled stomach which I think is spare skin from where it stretched and hasn't gone back again. Is there any way to get rid of this/make it look better apart from surgery? I don't think my stomach is fat and I exercise regularly, there's just this wodge of skin sitting there. Yuck. Any help gratefully appreciated even if it's just to tell me I will have to start a saving fund for treatment smile

LuckyMrsT Mon 18-Jul-11 15:57:24

Tracy Anderson's Post Pregnancy Workout DVD promises that the excercises will bring the skin back to the muscle so that you aren't left with any flaps of sagging skin. I've been doing it for the last few weeks and am impressed so far (and she's not annoying - bonus). I also rub mine rigourously with Bio Oil a couple of times a day to improve the skin condition. I read on here that rubbing/massaging scar tissue helps to get rid of it so I'm testing it out on my stretch marks.

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