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Could a cobbler change heels to wedges?

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TracyK Mon 18-Jul-11 07:46:03

Am thinking that I have a good few pairs of ankle boots that look old fashioned. Do you think a cobbler could take the heels off and add wedges instead?
I know it would prob be cheaper to buy wegde boots - but I'm struggling to find any that aren't too high.

PaintedToenails Mon 18-Jul-11 14:13:16

I don't really think they'd be able to do that, would they?

If you don't want anything too vertiginous.... maybe something like these?

They aren't as high as most wedge heels.

TracyK Mon 18-Jul-11 16:06:16

OOo thanks Painted - I might have to get some. I do have a pair exactly like this - but were £25 from New Look about 2 years of wear ago - so are a bit saggy, baggy. Guess I got my money's worth out of them.
I've been googling heels to wedges - who knew - more forums out there dedicated to high heels!!!

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