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Whimper ... I think my straighteners are dying

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BalloonSlayer Sun 17-Jul-11 17:46:48

They don't seem to do much any more. I think they used to be a bit hotter.

They are only cheap £30-ish ones.

Now then. What are the best ones to get without paying an absolute pigging fortune?

(I am not very glam so I don't need something suitable for supermodels but I do feel a frizzbag at the moment)

Thanks for help in advance.

Oh yes and while I'm here < leans on garden fence > DD has long straight hair, and I suggest we get her a curling thing . . . can anyone recommend one? Back in my day it was "curling tongs" and those brushy things that looked like vibrators for masochists - some of them ran on butane gas! I presume the world of hair styling has moved on a tad.

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