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OMG. I need help finding a wedding!

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tulpe Sun 17-Jul-11 16:46:26

Okay, I could be totally wrong here but.....I think DH is secretly arranging for us to renew our wedding vows grin It is our 10th anniversary in a couple of weeks and we had talked about it many times in the past and he was keen but never put anything in place. Today, we happened to pass a Coast store and I pointed out a dress to DH this one saying, if ever we renewed our vows that would be on my shortlist of potential dresses. DH, who usually nods politely and says "hmm" showed a great deal of interest. Do they have your size? Why not try it on? However, I spotted another woman wearing it in the changing room and declined as it didn't look great on her hmm. I didn't pursue any further questioning with him since the last time I guessed a secret (surprise party for my 40th) he had a bit of a strop!

So, I could be barking up the wrong tree but.....I think there might be something on the agenda and our anniversary is in 11 days!!

What I am thinking is that I could buy something and keep labels attached and return if I am totally wrong blush

So I need some suggestions. I didn't have a white wedding first time around. I don't want a full on wedding dress - I want something sophisticated and grown up. I am thinking knee or mid-calf length. I am a size 8. I love vintage style.

Anyone help?

PirateDinosaur Sun 17-Jul-11 16:57:09

Did you make it clear to him that you'd gone off the dress? Because if not I could imagine him going back and buying it in your size as part of the surprise...

tethersend Sun 17-Jul-11 17:01:52

What's your budget?

When you say vintage, which era do you like?

mittenkitten Sun 17-Jul-11 17:03:15

vintage style but might need a slip . . .

PirateDinosaur Sun 17-Jul-11 17:06:26

What's your budget?

mittenkitten Sun 17-Jul-11 17:07:12

slight 60s reference and would involve much less slip-sorting: French Connection

tulpe Sun 17-Jul-11 17:09:16

Sorry - am so excited forgot to add small details.

Pirate - yes made it clear that I thought it was shame the dress looked so awful on because it looked fab on the hanger.

tethersend - budget is up to £200 but obviously would prefer to spend less if possible smile. The Coast dress was £135 and he didn't flinch so I think that's a good guide.

I love 50's style. I would also consider a 70's take on that look white knee length dress (am thinking a little cleavage in a Studio 54 meets Carrie Bradshaw style).

PirateDinosaur Sun 17-Jul-11 17:10:43


Probably too short?

tulpe Sun 17-Jul-11 17:11:28

mitten don't like the All Saints one.

French Connection one is a good start smile

I am going to have to disappear in a minute as food is ready but will be back in an hour or so and promise to thoroughly appraise all links and give feedback!

I really do appreciate any help!

tulpe Sun 17-Jul-11 17:12:27

Love the J Crew one.

ASOS one is gorgeous but too short.

tethersend Sun 17-Jul-11 17:14:38

Vivienne of Holloway

PirateDinosaur Sun 17-Jul-11 17:14:56

More full-on Fifties

ThumbsNoseAtSnapewitch Sun 17-Jul-11 17:17:48

anything on here take your fancy?

PirateDinosaur Sun 17-Jul-11 17:18:13

You'd need to be the right shape to carry this off

leakyR Sun 17-Jul-11 17:18:30

What about this? Or Monsoon have some not-too-bridal bridal frocks like this or this one or even my favourite although I'd give the black legging a miss.

PirateDinosaur Sun 17-Jul-11 17:19:32

Actual 50s vintage

tethersend Sun 17-Jul-11 17:21:01





BunnyLebowski Sun 17-Jul-11 17:22:41


PirateDinosaur Sun 17-Jul-11 17:24:50

Don't know what this would look like on

tethersend Sun 17-Jul-11 17:27:29

Or hire something?

BunnyLebowski Sun 17-Jul-11 17:32:27

ASOS gorgeous


mittenkitten Sun 17-Jul-11 17:39:24

Another ASOS?

BunnyLebowski Sun 17-Jul-11 17:40:10

Yeah I saw that one too mitten but decided not to post the ones that aren't available in the OP's size.

T'is a shame though because it's stunning sad

mittenkitten Sun 17-Jul-11 17:46:39

oh dear, missed that. blush Think OP said she is an 8?

Sometimes you can get sold-out items on a pop-back -- someone else returns it and it "pops back" onto the site. but not really worth staking a special event on!

tethersend Sun 17-Jul-11 18:25:17

Sixty quid from Peacocks- not available until 7th August though...

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