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DIY Gel naill removal - Help 3 down 7 to go.

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alittleconcernednow Sun 17-Jul-11 11:07:02

My gel nails are 3 weeks old and were over due infills this weekend.

On Friday morning DD spilt a whole bottle (dark blue) nail polish on her bedroom carpet and I spent 1 1/2 hours with nail polish remover trying to get it up. Thank fully did a good job in the end.

However, due to having had my gel nails rubbing into a cloth and carpet soaked with nail polish a few started to melt. They became obviously loos and looked a mess half stained in blue etc so I peeled (very easily) 1 off.

Yesterday I had intended to go and get them removed but we had a manic day and I never got to the salon. Last night another peeled off easily and this morning another one.

There are 1 or 2 others that look they may come off with a bit of gentle help but the others look stuck firm.

I really dont want to pay £10 to get the few others removed nor stick my gel free fingers into the solution they use to remove the gel nails.

Has anyone here sucessfully removed American Gel Nails themselves? If so how? DO I just soak them in nail polish reover or is there a technique I should be using?

Please help I just want them off now and cannot get a to salon until Tuesday afternoon at the earliest.

Goandplay Sun 17-Jul-11 11:13:41

Acetone (spealling?) you can buy it very cheaply from a pharmacy - it's in nail polish remover so that would do the job as well (as you've found out).

Try not to pull at them though.

Goandplay Sun 17-Jul-11 11:14:28

Ahh *spelling!!

CoffeeIsMyFriend Sun 17-Jul-11 11:18:32

yes agree - dip your gels in acetone and then wrap each one in tin foil and leave for a few mins, then wipe gels off and wash hands.

ooh or de-icer for cars, does the same job! I remember years ago after having my nails done I sprayed de icer on the car, started scraping it off and my lovely day old nails starting pinging off. Actually dont use de-icer, stick with acetone.

alittleconcernednow Sun 17-Jul-11 11:38:05

Thank you. Off out now to see if I can get some acetone and more nail polish remover since I used the whole bottle on the carpet.

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