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Experts on LANCOME foundations please! Again....

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ameliagrey Sat 16-Jul-11 08:42:59

Went to various London stores yesterday asking for samples- and got some but others out of stock. sad

I am confused as different sales assts. told me diferent things! confused

One said Teint Miracle was light coverage only ( no good) but another said it was the same coverage as Photogenic!

I am very pale and understand there is shade 01- Porcelain, and 010- Alabaster, which is more pink toned (Estee Lauder woman said i could use either tone but was slightly more pink toned.)

I am looking at Lancome:

Photogenic- but only comes in 01 shade.(like texture but may be too yellow in 01- have got sample)
Teint Idole- in 01 and 010- got sample
Teint Miracle- think it's in 01 and 010- no samples available out of stock.

My skin is normalish and relatively unlined although I am what they would call "mature".

Has anyone used any of the above and what would you say?

echt Sat 16-Jul-11 09:00:59

I use Teint Renergie Lift in the next to palest shade.

I, too, am mature.

Naturally, it lifts nothing, but is excellent. I am naturally pale, but tan in the sun. It's even better over a primer, Laura Mercier is, of course, tops, but Clinique's City Block is very good as is Nude's primer.

Tried the much cried-up Chanel Vitalumiere, but it is yellow.

ameliagrey Sat 16-Jul-11 10:19:39


I havejust tried the samples out now- 01 in Photogenic is far too yellow.
Teint Idole ultra is okay but very thin and not much coverage and again, shade not quite right.

I always ue Clinique City Block anyway.

Havingkittens Sat 16-Jul-11 10:31:33

Teint Idole Ultra is actually pretty good coverage. Miracle isn't but because of its texture, covers a multitude of sins. Photogenic is nice as long as you don't have oily skin.

As far as shades go, 010 is super pale. Try a sample of 02 - not darker than 01, just the pinker version of that tone.

The new Illanasqua foundations are very nice and have a massive range of pale shades, from yellow to pink and also a neutral which is a balance of the two.

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