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To fringe or not to fringe? That is the question???

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SirCharlieStinkySocks Fri 15-Jul-11 13:19:00

Ok, I have shoulder length blond (ish) hair that I am growing out. However I have for the past few years suffered from pigmentation damage on my forehead which actually looks like a perfectly rectangular brown patch and a slighly smaller one angling down by my brow. I'm extremely self conscious of this and am waiting for a dermatologist appointment but in the meantime thinking of having a fringe cut in to help out a little.

I was thinking maybe Sienna Miller style sort of affair from pics I can find but not sure whether or not to go for it.

SirCharlieStinkySocks Fri 15-Jul-11 13:21:25

Forgot to add I'm 33 25 if that makes any difference to whether or not I should attempt this.

electra Fri 15-Jul-11 13:22:55

I like fringes - I had one cut in today. Go for it, why not?

PipCarrier Fri 15-Jul-11 13:36:52

I love my fringe, if you get a choppy, longish one cut in it's very versatile and you can still pin it back on days you don't have time to do much or if it gets irritating (when doing sport etc.) it!

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