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Triumph store in Cambridge

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dottyaboutstripes Fri 15-Jul-11 12:18:25

A bit of a long shot, but I was wondering if anyone knows if there are any offers on at the moment?

CroissantNeuf Fri 15-Jul-11 12:22:54

As in the bra shop?

If so, the one in Cheltenham had loads of offers and items in the sale and I'm presuming that would be across the chain.

Its the first time I've been into one of their shops as I always imagined it to be a bit grannyish but was quite surprised.

vogonmothership Fri 15-Jul-11 12:36:47

thought it was about motorbikes
<wanders out again>

CroissantNeuf Fri 15-Jul-11 12:38:49

It might be for all I know...and theres me wittering on about undergarments grin

dottyaboutstripes Fri 15-Jul-11 13:13:50


I replied but don't know where it disappeared to?! Yes, I mean bras! Looks like a trek to Cambridge in order for me.....I agree about how surprising it is when you actually look at the stuff. All the bras I currently wear are Triumph, they are really nice. I suppose the Doreen bra has given them the grannyish reputation (btw, mine are most certainly NOT Doreens!)

CroissantNeuf Fri 15-Jul-11 13:18:09

Like I said I'd never ventured into one before but in desperation went in to one recently after failing miserably elsewhere.

I hate the fact that so many bras these days just have so much padding in them unless you want just white/neutral/black.

I've seen some with beautiful patterned fabrics or gorgeous colours but they all seem to be the 'increase you bra size by 2+ sizes' types or the 'cheap' looking lacy type. I don't want a gel filled/inflatable insert thank-you very much.

I hate bra shopping. Good luck!

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