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Fuzzled Thu 14-Jul-11 20:29:52

Right, I'm a 5ft, size 18-20 on top (norks and flab combo blush) and have been living in polo shirts for dealing with baby dribble. blush
I need to escape from these as (having just seen a photo!) they are really doing me no favours.
Problem is that I don't want posh, clingy is a bit M'eh due to c-section overhang, and irons are over-rated! Which leaves my wardrobe at a sum total of... zilch.
I tend to wear jeans and combat style (but more feminine from M&S IYSWIM) trousers as I can't be bothered don't have time to deal with my hairy legs.

Budget is limited and sleeves (for bingo wings) are preferable. So, other than resorting back to my polo shirts - what other options are there? Please help!

vesela Thu 14-Jul-11 20:56:16

Try H&M. I have this in a very fine blue and white stripe - can't see it online - and while it's better for an iron, it doesn't need it. The sleeves roll up and button fairly easily.

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