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Why are Rocket Dog shoes so ugly?

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itsastrawpoll Thu 14-Jul-11 19:17:03

Is that their 'thing'? I've never seen a pair of their shoes that aren't hideously ugly.

dexter73 Thu 14-Jul-11 19:27:23

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! I don't own any of their shoes but they seem quite nice to me. Probably for younger people.

itsastrawpoll Thu 14-Jul-11 19:40:22

Do you think? Younger? Really? They strike me as quite mumsy, the kind of thing someone in their late 30s/early 40s would wear because they think they look trendy.

Kinda like White Stuff, that kind of thing.

peeriebear Thu 14-Jul-11 19:42:16

I like a lot of them. I have some neat little Rocketdog lace up pumps that I have worn to death, nothing ugly about them smile straightforward khaki and cream with pink accents.

dexter73 Thu 14-Jul-11 19:43:17

I think they are very teenagery (if that is a word!), not mumsy. Never seen anyone over the age of about 20 wearing them.

TheFarSide Thu 14-Jul-11 19:45:07

Just looked at the Rocket Dog website - the shoes look great to me, nice and clumpy, like my body - I really don't suit dainty shoes. I'm 49, if that's relevant.

itsastrawpoll Thu 14-Jul-11 19:45:10

I concede lace up pumps would be hard to cock up peeriebear. But most of the others seem to have massive soles and just look really ugly and clunky.

Dexter - I've honestly never seen any teenagers in them - only middle aged women. Still think they are fugly!

itsastrawpoll Thu 14-Jul-11 19:46:01

x post thefarside! Yes, that's what I think is ugly about them, the clumpiness!

dexter73 Thu 14-Jul-11 19:48:03

I've never seen middle aged women wearing them so maybe we live in very different places!

itsastrawpoll Thu 14-Jul-11 19:49:00

Hmmm...interesting...I DO live in Brighton, home of the desperately-trying-to-still-be-cool middle aged lady.

TragicallyHip Thu 14-Jul-11 19:49:48

I have these in black and a converse type pair.

Tbh some of them are quite clumpy and ugly. I am 32

SpeedyGonzalez Thu 14-Jul-11 19:50:22

I once bought a lovely pair of clog-type sandals from them, which got compliments from my very fashion-conscious chums. Then the wooden soles split to pieces. hmm

dexter73 Thu 14-Jul-11 19:50:27

Aah! Maybe that's it! I live in a small market town near Oxford so not many people trying to be cool here!

SpeedyGonzalez Thu 14-Jul-11 19:51:49

I am now wondering whether I've met strawpoll in a local playground! grin

LadyWord Thu 14-Jul-11 19:52:21

They have wide toes which is what I always need in a shoe. Pointy toes (like on converse, or court shoes!) look ugly on me because I have really big feet, so I end up looking like I'm wearing two canoes. But wide-toed shoes like rocket dogs and keens make my feet look smaller.

Depends on your taste doesn't it. btw I'm 41 so you're kind of right (though I'm not convinced I look trendy. I "have my own style" as some people have politely said).

itsastrawpoll Thu 14-Jul-11 19:54:31

grin speedy, queens park anyone?

dexter73 Thu 14-Jul-11 19:55:09

It has been many years since I have been in a playground!

EricNorthmansMistressOfPotions Thu 14-Jul-11 19:57:26

I used to have two pairs of rocket dogs which were the fugliest, clumpiest horrors. This was early 2000s when I was young! However I also had a gorgeous pair of ballet flats with embroidered chinese dragons on which were lush and very dainty. So they are not all fugly and clumpy.

HerRoyalNotness Thu 14-Jul-11 20:18:22

I have a pair of rocket dog strappy sandals. Aldo copied them in the following season. They're very cute.

SpeedyGonzalez Thu 14-Jul-11 20:28:28

Ah, no, more like St Ann's Wells! grin

Am quite worried now that I may fit into your stereotype of late 30s mums who are trying to look trendy <<bites lip nervously>>

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