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Anyone tried LoReal Casting Creme Gloss Hair Dye?

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missymoola Thu 14-Jul-11 18:56:30

I am very fair skinned, dark eyes and medium brown hair. I tend to use bronzor to make my face look warm. I'm wanting to go a bit darker but not permanent. I was thinking of Iced Chocolate. What do you think?

Lipstickgal Thu 14-Jul-11 20:45:54

It's quite a warm shade of brown and not that dark. It does leave the hair very shiny after a couple of washes.

TattyDevine Thu 14-Jul-11 22:14:05

Sounds good enough. One thing I would say about Loreal is they have lovely "names" for their colours but sometimes you are none the wiser about how "warm" or "cool" or "dark" they are. It helps to know the numbers and what they mean.

So Rimini Lightest brown is a 700 which is about as light as a brown gets without being blonde. A 600 brown is pretty damn light but a bit deeper. That would be a true light brown, something in the 600 range.

A 500 is getting darker and deeper but still not morticia. Cheryl Cole's (famous) red colour of about this time last year was supposedly Mahogany 550 - so deep and rich but not massivly dark, but still basically brown.

Get into the 400's and you are getting pretty dark. There is one called "chocolate brownie" which has a very appealing photo and name but at 400 or 450 or something it is pretty dark. Most people would be getting the Head and Shoulders out to tone that back after using as they wouldn't anticipate it to be that dark.

Anything in the 300's should be labelled "dark brown" or "deep" or even "soft black" but once again Loreal often like to give it appealing foodie names like "beef gravy" (okay I made that one up) but you know what I mean. Sometimes you don't know what you are getting. Do a strand test!!!

The colours go on lovely though. I would say I think they get you to wet your hair before which is just plain weird but I never did grin

TattyDevine Thu 14-Jul-11 22:16:56

Oh, just to add, Casting Creme gloss boast "no ammonia" which is true, but be aware that they just tend to use more hydrogen peroxide than brands (including theirs) that do contain ammonia. Its to ensure eveness of pigment. Its sort of a non-issue really, one is as bad as the other, but don't be fooled that they are less damaging because they contain no ammonia - the increased hydrogen peroxide pretty much makes up for it. Use in moderation!

(All dyes have bleach and stuff (apart from 8 wash temporaries) so its a bit of a non-issue really unless you are mega bleached or heat damaged and are wavering)

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