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Briefcase type thing search!

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gregssausageroll Thu 14-Jul-11 18:34:05

I need something to take a laptop (not all the time though), A4 folders, paper blah, blah!

I do like this:

But I don't like the croc look to the leather plus it is the range that went ballistic after Pippa Middleton was photographed with what is now called the Pippa bag. I had mine long before her!

I don't want anything that looks specifically like a briefcase plus the colour needs to go with anything!

madammecholet Thu 14-Jul-11 18:37:02

try here, gorgeous laptop bags

penelope and parker

madammecholet Thu 14-Jul-11 18:37:56

personal fav is this one here

gregssausageroll Fri 15-Jul-11 07:35:57

Thanks. I really don't like the croc look though but will have a proper look.

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