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Getting a refund?

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RoseC Thu 14-Jul-11 10:19:04

Not sure where else to post this, but I'm hoping someone can help please.

Went into M&S on Monday and (for the third time in a row) have been measured incorrectly. Bras fit okay in the shop without digging in but I didn't really know what to look for (do now thanks to the bra thread!) and when I wore them it became apparent they're the wrong size. I want to return them but bra A is missing a tag (took it off as it had fitted in the shop, realised it didn't fit when I was doing the housework and fell out of it angry) and bra B is a sports bra. It's my first sports bra and, again, didn't realise it wasn't supporting me (even worse than my old non-sports bras) until I started exercising.

I have the hangers, the cardboard wrappers and the receipts. M&S website doesn't say anything about bras that have been worn, but both clearly (even to my untrained eye) have. Also a bit <boak> about returning the sports bra for a potential resale and keeping quiet about having got sweaty in it.

Does anyone know the best way to approach M&S about this please? I know attitude is 9/10 of getting a tricky refund and I'm a bit unsure about approaching this one. Can't write them off as I need the money to go to Bravissimo and get ones that fit!

BupcakesandCunting Thu 14-Jul-11 10:26:53

Marks and Spencers are usually very good about refunding. I say usually. What I would do is return them, explain that you were measured for the bras but having worn them to do day-to-day stuff, you've discovered that they don't do the job very well. Say you're really disappointed and that you have the receipt and you'd like a refund. Be firm but nice about it.

carat Thu 14-Jul-11 11:30:12

Did you wear them just for one day? They're probably not dirty/smelly, so just explain that you tried them and they don't fit.

vjg13 Thu 14-Jul-11 11:33:21

Or unpick stitching and say both were faulty! grin

RoseC Thu 14-Jul-11 22:16:41

Thank you ... I have a terrible lying face so unpicking the stitching might not work! grin

Will take a deep breath, channel my mother and will emphasise my disappointment. Called Bravissimo and have an appointment at 1pm tomorrow - they sounded lovely on the phone.

RoseC Fri 15-Jul-11 15:33:50

Update: they very begrudgingly gave me a full refund. There was a bit of hassle whereby they made me try on the ones I said I had tried at home and found not to fit (bras A+B - ones I hadn't attempted to wear were refunded no quibble). Couldn't get away with saying I hadn't worn them as the package was torn. I was kept waiting for ages whilst they found a fitter who said the bras did fit hmm but I could have a refund anyway.

Went into Bravissimo and had an evangelical bra experience... have gone down in width and up by two cups. They were so friendly and helpful - glad I found out about them on MN smile

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