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Which House Magazine?

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myron Thu 14-Jul-11 09:13:29

I want to subscribe to a house magazine but there's just too much choice. What I'm looking for is one that features the cost of extensions as well as renovating kitchens and bathrooms and not just one that concentrates on interiors. So what do you read and would recommend?

WhatsWrongWithYou Thu 14-Jul-11 09:21:27

Think this is one I sometimes used to pick up. You can read it online to see if it's any good.
Another one here.
Afair they do cover extensions as well as home building, and you don't have to wade through pictures of patchwork quilts!

myron Thu 14-Jul-11 09:53:13

Thanks - I was thinking along the lines of Real Homes, Ideal Homes, Living etc, 25 Beautiful Homes and all the kitchen/bathroom magazines rather than a self build. They all seem really similar and I can't see the wood for the trees so to speak and I would like to subscribe to just one. I have held off from doing so because I just cannot make a decision (unlike me) so asking MN opinions to make it for me. smile

GooseyLoosey Thu 14-Jul-11 09:55:05

Depends on what your interior style is. Are you very contemporary, more traditional or kind of middle of the road?

NerfHerder Thu 14-Jul-11 10:00:54

I subscribe to Living etc and Elle Dec. I have this month also bought 'Country Homes & Living' and 'Country Living'... I think I'm having a mid-life crisis! I want to run away and liive by the sea...

NerfHerder Thu 14-Jul-11 10:04:19

Ilving etc usually mention how much people have spent on their refurbs, and give plans of the layouts too, though their features seem to be more extravagant then previously , when they had a lot more practical DIY type advice... their websiite's okay though, with advice foprums etc, but somehow I don't have much time to go on there...

myron Thu 14-Jul-11 15:15:41

Living Etc looks good - I browse it at Tesco's earlier. I favour the contemporary look but we are buying a period house so I need inspiration!

noddyholder Thu 14-Jul-11 15:16:53

Living etc is great for interiors but although it features extensions it doesn't really cover structural/builder stuff. Grand designs is better for that.If you are looking for ideas for looks though and not building advice its great.

noddyholder Thu 14-Jul-11 15:18:06

I have every copy of Living etc since it started and it is a nightmare everytime we move as they are so heavy and bulky! Also have about 7 years of elle decor!

Pinkjenny Thu 14-Jul-11 15:35:08

I subscribe to Ideal Home and 25 Beautiful Homes. I also like Living Etc. And Real Homes. Love a bit of property porn.

NerfHerder Thu 14-Jul-11 16:08:56

grin I too have every Living etc, and 10 years of Elle Dec.
I want to stop Elle Dec (now I have children, I have no chance of ever having an elle dec home)... but I don't dare stop because my collection will not be complete <<gibber>>

noddyholder Thu 14-Jul-11 16:26:55

Nerf me too. We are moving after 11 renovations to what dp has said is our forever house no matter what so I have chosen something i love! But it is not going to be elle deco either my style is very much more livingetc.But like you feel I will be letting the others down if i don't buy their friends every month and keep it going!

NerfHerder Thu 14-Jul-11 23:10:01

That made me laugh!

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