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nervous fake tan novice

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qwepoi Wed 13-Jul-11 17:25:44

Just booked a st tropez fake tan - now panicing! It's for a wedding and I've booked it for 3 days before (only option). Now I'm worried I'm going to look ridiculous - too dark, streaky, orange... I had only been anticipating doing legs, but apparently it's all over. I'm blonde so how does it not get in your hair or dye your eyebrows? And will I get a weird line on my forehead where it stops before my hair.
Not really into make up etc but my dress is blue and really highlights my white legs - forecast is bad so I don't think they're going to tan the easy way!
Should I just cancel?

PollyRoxs Wed 13-Jul-11 18:30:23

Hi there,
Dont cancel if you are not really White pale you will be fine. They will give you a hair protector to cover your hair, if they don't ask for something as dyed hair sucks up spray tan. Make sure you exfoliate all over, especially under arms, knees, elbow, ankles for the few days before the tan. Go to the salon without deodorant or moisturiser. I also take baby wipes to wipe around my hands and feet to remove excess. Make sure you stand on a towel in the booth otherwise you will get orange soles.
Talk to the salon and explain your fears, if you are going to a reasonable salon they should understand your concerns and explain it all.
Hope this helps

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 13-Jul-11 18:41:58

It will be fine, exfoliate and moisturise like mad the day before.

Dont forget loose clothes to go home in and flip flops. And dont do any housework or wash your hands for the rest of the day. If you splash with water it can wash off.

I use them as an excuse not to do anything for the rest of day

ChuckYouFarlie Wed 13-Jul-11 19:47:38

Don't cancel, all the above advice is really good.

You know you can tell them what shade of tanned you want to be - light, medium or dark.

I've done light before and it's pretty subtle. You won't look like a traffic light, honest.

And three days before - if for some reason you REALLY hated it that's enough time to scrub it off grin

meltedchocolate Wed 13-Jul-11 20:01:42

I was like this too before I had a tan for a wedding. I was a bridesmaid so pretty on show too! I am very pale, always swore I wouldn't get a tan and thought I would look ridiculous. Well I loved it and now I wish I had it all the time...

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