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Help! My dark brown hair is going grey at an alarming rate.

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ENormaSnob Wed 13-Jul-11 08:22:12

I am not yet 30 shock

I have very dark brown, curly hair with a reddish colour on atm.

Just noticed my roots coming through and there is an awful lot of grey sad

what can I do?

Put another reddy colour on at home or shall I go a lighter brown now?

Thanks for any replies.

TattyDevine Wed 13-Jul-11 09:18:05

If you learn to home colour then it can save you a fortune over the years.

Re home colouring, careful of anything called "dark brown" - even if you are dark brown yourself (or think you are - often people over-estimate how dark they actually are) if you colour regularly with dark brown colours they can build up very quickly and look black.

You probably need a medium warm toned brown.

Check out this chart - do you like the look of Natural Medium Chestnut brown? 118c

Presumably you like the reddy colour - is that natural on you - i.e does your natural colour have a gold cast or a warm glow in sunlight? If so, it probably really suits you to enhance that slightly. If you are not so sure about that though, now is the time to get rid of it, before the reds build up, and that can be done with an ash toned colour.

daimbardiva Wed 13-Jul-11 10:17:57

Ooh, enorma you've pre-empted my question - I was thinking of using nice n easy to touch up my roots between salon colours. I usually get a "chocolate" semi-permanent through mine - tatty do you have any thoughts on which shade might be right for me (sorry to thread hijack!)

valiumredhead Wed 13-Jul-11 10:46:18

I have just made the transition from brown to having lighter hi lights so the gray blends in nicely as I get more hairdresser said the key is to go lighter as you get older as your skin tone changes with age - but you are only 30 so just whack a colour over to hide them grin

ENormaSnob Wed 13-Jul-11 18:34:19

Thanks for the replies.

Am on nights so slept all day.

I can't remember what cast my natural hair is blush

I have had a red (morello cherry) on for a good few months now.

I think I would like a change now, maybe a mid brown with a gold cast instead of red?

Can I just put a colour over the red?

CharlieCoCo Wed 13-Jul-11 21:15:10

im 30 with too much greyntoo. i tried the new foam one today but dont like it. its never ending and gave up in the end and is really hard to get off skin and scalp. with normal ones i can wipe away with a baby wipe this one has left me stained. easy to put on though, but i find they all are.

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