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wearing in jeans

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mongymenthi Tue 12-Jul-11 22:35:15

Has anyone any tips on wearing in jeans (levi's). I don't usually buy expensive jeans but want to take care of these ones.

Havingkittens Wed 13-Jul-11 13:00:37

What do you mean by wearing in? Do you mean stretching them out to fit when they are tight? If so, I can only suggest sitting and crouching etc. If you mean preserving them so they don't fade etc then washing them infrequently inside out on a cool wash or dry cleaning. With vintage style shrink to fit Levi's they recommend putting them in the freezer to kill bacteria and get rid of smells rather than washing them!

LuckyMrsT Wed 13-Jul-11 18:36:41

You need to be a bit clearer OP. 'Wearing in' suggests scruffing them up a bit to get them comfy to me but I don't think that's what you mean.

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