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Tatty, oh hair guru, can I ask some questions about glazes / glossing products?

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WheeshtWillYe Mon 11-Jul-11 07:55:59

Have just been reading some hair dying threads & have finally got it in to my thick skull that I should resist the temptation to pull the dye through to the ends each time.

How often should I pull it through though? My roots start to show after 3-4 weeks so I do need to deal with them frequently but I want to avoid colour build up. But my hair starts to look a bit dull after a few weeks & I was wondering how often I should refresh the colour by pulling it through to the ends.

What about glazes or whatever they're called? Is a glaze the same as a semi? I think you get clear ones don't you? Would they improve the shine & boost the colour or are they just a load of silicone that will eventually make my hair look crappier?

Do I really need to use shampoo for coloured hair or will any mild shampoo do?

Thanks so much Tatty! I hope Clariol are aware that hordes of mumsnetters are abandoning salon colours in favour of 117 under your tutelage grin. You should be getting free colour for life!

TattyDevine Mon 11-Jul-11 11:38:52


I don't use any glazes or glosses, to be honest.

Last time I did my roots, I felt I wanted to top up the rest of my hair as I had been highlighted previously and had lost some colour in the porous previously bleached bits but I knew if I ran it through it would be "too much"

So 5 minutes before the end, I wet the ends of my hair and combed the dampness through with a tangle teezer. This cuts down the amount of colour the hair can absorb as long as its not left on a long time. Once wet I started combing from root to tip to move some of the root colour through in a sort of watered down way, then right at the last minute applied some hair dye to the top layers, combing through for barely a minute then I rinsed it off.

It topped up the colour beautifully, in a very subtle way, and added a flash of shine. I used their conditioner that comes in the box of dye, which is a surprisingly effective glossing treatment in its own right.

So its not that you can never run through - but if you are leaving it on 10 minutes etc that can be too long, you can get colour build up. You could try doing what I did though - literally a minute or so at the very end of the processing time.

The worst thing you can do is do your entire head every time. That's why I don't quite approve of the foams (having not used them, not really fair of me) because I just dont see how it would be that easy to do "just" your roots with them.

WheeshtWillYe Mon 11-Jul-11 18:47:03

Fab - thank you! I'll try it.

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