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Snailsontour or anyone else who has used the Tuatrend - tell me about it please!

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pasqueflower Sun 10-Jul-11 18:04:48

snailsontour was raving about this on another thread, and I'm really interested in what it might do for my ageing face and neck (I'm 50).

My questions are:
- Does it work?
- How time consuming is it?

I was thinking of a similar salon treatment, but would have to go twice a week for about 6 weeks and then maintenance once a month.

The alternative for me is Botox, but wary of this as I've seen too many bad botox jobs and don't know how to find someone who would make me look great in my locality (S Wales).


pasqueflower Sun 10-Jul-11 18:06:06 - sorry, clickable link this time.

snailsontour Sun 10-Jul-11 20:23:58

Hi Pasqueflower - sorry for the delay in coming back to you but I've been laid low today with some nasty bug and have dozed away the day feeling v sorry for myself.

I'll try and do a link here to the Tina Richards web site (uk importer of this Italian product) - and for info QVC sell it too.

I'm 53 - no, I'm 54 (it was my birthday Thursdaysmile, and have been religiously using the Tua for the last 18 or so months. The idea is to use it daily for 3 months droping down to 2/3 times per week. If you do the full programme it takes 30 minutes if you have one wand - or 15 minutes if you have the two wands.

I have pretty good skin that I''m generally happy with, was worried about my droopy eyes (thanks dad!) I only use the eye programme, so it takes me all of 2 minutes. I expect to use the other programmes as 'things start to slide'.

For info I have a Cleo II that I found such a faff that I never bothered using it, and have had an old Slendertone unit from many moons ago.

I originally bought a Tua Viso but found it very difficult to position on the left side of my face - I'm right handed.

The key to does it work is yes providing you use it. I wouldn't be without mine as the results are amazing. Give me a shout if you want any more info. The only thing I would mention is if you have a lot of amalgam fillings some peeps report tingling in their teeth.

pasqueflower Sun 10-Jul-11 23:17:44

Many thanks, that's really useful...sorry you haven't been well. I think I'll give it a go - although it's expensive it's nowhere near as much as Botox.

It sounds as though it's worth getting the 2 wand one then as I can manage 15 minutes.

pasqueflower Sun 10-Jul-11 23:28:26

One more question - if I buy this one (I had a £25 Next voucher for my birthday), could I then just buy an extra wand here to work with it? Many thanks

sidsmissis Mon 11-Jul-11 02:03:50

Hi Pasqueflower, I have and use a Tua Trend. When I first got it I used it regularly for a couple of months then the novelty wore off and I didn't think it was doing that much. WRONG. It was only when I stopped using it I realised how effective it is.

I use all 5 programmes and the results I get are lifted eyebrows, my eyes look more awake, the hollowness below my cheeks disappears and my cheeks are more defined. Basically my face stops sliding grin I'm not sure it has helped with the lines & dark circles but I look A LOT better for using it.

I only have one wand (need to buy another) and I think it takes about 30 - 40 mins to do all the programmes on both sides. I usually do it whilst watching telly. It does make you gurn pull some funny faces as the muscles contract, much to dh amusement hmm

The only downside I have found is that if you have fillings it can make them rattle a bit although it does wear off with perseverance.

I bought mine from QVC because it comes with extra pads (they need changing regularly) and they have a 30 day money back guarantee.

pasqueflower Mon 11-Jul-11 13:38:56

Thanks sidsmissis. I've just placed a QVC order with express delivery - it's on special offer, so cheaper than Next and comes with the two wands. And I very much like the 30 day money back guarantee.

I do have amalgam fillings, so will have to put up with that, but if it doesn't work, I can send it back.

We're going on holiday next week, so I intend to take it with me, which will no doubt cause much hilarity.

snailsontour Mon 11-Jul-11 20:51:45

Woo hoo I'm so excited for you!

I got mine from QVC back in the days when it came with just the one wand and then added the extra wand to speed things up. Whilst QVC's 30 day money back guarantee is excellent, I would caution against limiting yourself to seeing the difference in that short time. You may (I did) but for others it does take longer. I personally feel that some of the negative reviews on QVC are simply because peeps don't use it for long enough.

And Sidsmissus - you have inspired me and I'm going to make an effort to look as good as you - guess the rest of my face deserves to match my eyes!

And just to add, one of the brilliant (for me) things about the Tua is you can use it over your make-up - it doesn't have to be on clean dry skin like some of the other devices. - And the little pads are washable too.

sidsmissis Tue 12-Jul-11 10:42:31

Pasqueflower, I'm sure you won't regret your purchase! Echo what snails said about giving it time though. I also saw results within a couple of weeks but then it appeared to plateau (which it didn't) which is why I gave up on it.
Persevere and don't be worried about moving the wand about until you get the right spot, you might need to position the wand slightly differently to how the dvd tells you to hit the right muscle, I did. The trick is to start off at a low setting and build up especially if you have fillings. Another tip is that even though you are desperate to use it, let it charge properly for a good few hours, after your initial play of course grin. Let us know how you get on.

Snails I'm not sure I look 'that' good! Coming from a family of genetic face sliders though it definitely makes a big difference. I didn't realise that the pads were washable so thanks for the tip. I noticed on the other thread you use a Clarisonic. I have the cheaper version Tresonic, but I am wondering whether to invest in a Clarisonic. I'm not sure that I can justify the extra £££ as the Tresonic seems to be doing a good job.

snailsontour Tue 12-Jul-11 19:40:10

Are we twins separated at birth???

I also have the Tresonic (as well as the Clarisonic). Stupidly, whilst I loved my Tresonic (I bought one for my daughter too), I got carried away thinking that the Clarisonic Pro would be so much better and I could use it on my body and in the shower... so I talked myself into needing one! Is it any better? Can't say with great certainty that it is. Do I use it on my body? No. Do I use it in the shower? No.

That said, I do love my Clarisonic, and I guess that because the results of the Tresonic were so good, it was difficult to see further improvement. I guess peeps who go straight to the Clarisonic from a standing start see huge improvements as I think these types of cleansing machines are very thorough.

I certainly believe that the better the skin is prepared, then the better the absorption of any topical potions.

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