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please accessorise this dress so I don't look like me granny!

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YouCantTeuchThis Sat 09-Jul-11 12:20:22


Actually a lovely dress and a tremendous bargain, but whatever I put with it I look too 'wifey' or old for me...I am early thirties.

Help! I can't do killer heels and the wedding is in a posh garden in August if that helps. In England.

For once I don't have to worry about small children, though. This usually rules out wraps or clutch bags grin

YouCantTeuchThis Sat 09-Jul-11 12:20:48

'me granny'??!! Ahem... 'my granny'. Obviously.

HouseOfBamboo Sat 09-Jul-11 12:36:08

I would avoid granny beige or cream accessories.

Try to match the hot pink with shoes and bag? Ballet flats if you don't do heels I guess.

Actually I'm not sure why I'm commenting, I'm shit at stuff like this grin

YouCantTeuchThis Sat 09-Jul-11 17:00:19

I can do heels, just not killers.

What about these??

SybilBeddows Sat 09-Jul-11 17:06:12

how lovely.
You must have a very youthfully-dressed granny if that's what she wears - mine never had anything as nice as that grin

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