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Converse rubbing my heels - do I give up?

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acatcalledbob Fri 08-Jul-11 01:40:13

Bought some gorgeous new converse the other day. Perfect fit but with bare feet, within about 10 minutes of wearing them, they rubbed my heels raw. Should I resign myself to a lifetime of wearing converse with socks? Will they get better?

AitchTwoOh Fri 08-Jul-11 01:41:57

i can't wear converse, they always rub my heels, sock or not.

BertieBotts Fri 08-Jul-11 01:46:26

I've never been able to wear any shoes with bare feet, but a friend of mine used to swear by cushioned plasters, on the heel, as a preventative. Apparently you can't notice them at a glance (assuming you don't use bob the builder ones wink)

acatcalledbob Fri 08-Jul-11 07:16:12

OK, once my heels are back to normal, I'll raid the first aid kit. No Bob the Builder here but have a stack of Winnie the Pooh ones....


DoraJarr Fri 08-Jul-11 07:19:02

wear socks you nob

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