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What colour converses should I buy?

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Sonflower Thu 07-Jul-11 18:55:29

I really want to buy a a pair of converse women's All Stars-but they are a lot more expensive than I would normally spend on footwear, as I am on a limited budget and usually get my shoes in charity shops!

But I love them, and know that I will get lots of use and my money's worth out of them.

I plan to wear them with jeans/trousers as well as with dresses/skirts so the question is what colour should I get-I have narrowed down the choice to white, cream , or navy ( I can only afford one pair unfortunately) bearing in mind I will probably want to wear them well into the Autumn/winter time too.

Can you help me decide?

apple99 Thu 07-Jul-11 19:08:20

I was going to say cream but if you want to wear them autumn/winter then navy is probably a better choice.

purepurple Thu 07-Jul-11 19:09:50

Black is the only colour converse to wear.

suzikettles Thu 07-Jul-11 19:12:46

I would buy these grey ones, if I had the money. Which I don't. Dammit!

Northumberlandlass Thu 07-Jul-11 19:18:40

Am planning to buy grey ones in about 3 weeks when I have some cash ! smile

LuckyMrsT Thu 07-Jul-11 21:12:23

These cream ones? Gorgeous but not sure how they'll stand up to the winter dirt.

I also like the purple ones. I really wanted to buy these but ended up getting bright royal blue as they were in the sale and were similar enough.

BikeRunSki Thu 07-Jul-11 21:16:43

Cream/white more summery.
Navy more all year round.

they wash in the washing machine well though.

I tend to wear red in winter and white in summer. Both are ages old.

hillyhilly Thu 07-Jul-11 21:17:03

I've had navy ones for a year now and don't know how I managed without them, they go with everything!
They also wash ok, though I've only done it the once.

maddiemostmerry Thu 07-Jul-11 21:20:57

I have a khaki pair that go with most things, well most of my clothes! Also have a beige pair.
They are a good buy as they last for ages.

applechutney Thu 07-Jul-11 21:32:10

I have black, but wear them mostly with jeans.

If you're set on choosing from those three colours, then I would say navy is your best bet.

DuchessEm Thu 07-Jul-11 22:02:35

I also have them in khaki and they go with loads of things! I was going to buy navy, but they seemed a little dark for the summer.

WhereTheWildThingsWere Thu 07-Jul-11 22:37:51

Have you checked Amazon? They always have some colours/sizes pretty cheap.

QueeferSutherland Thu 07-Jul-11 23:01:20

I have black that I wear to work with black wide legged trousers on cold days.

bridgeandbow Thu 07-Jul-11 23:14:42

I have grey high tops that I got in TKmaxx a few months ago for £27. I thought that was a good deal so it is worth looking about. Really like them - they go with everything!

HowAboutAHotCupOfShutTheHellUp Thu 07-Jul-11 23:18:06

I have silver ones ! They are more versatile than you might think and I've worn them a lot and they still look fresh.

They look really good with both white and dark blue denim. I love them and get loads of compliments when I'm wearing them.

lulahrose Thu 07-Jul-11 23:18:12

Look at getthelabel, they have them for £25.

nomorecake Thu 07-Jul-11 23:29:24

i got some light grey ones in TK Maxx for £19.
so might be worth trying there too. but it can be quite hit and miss there.

i would like navy for the winter but need to save up. and probably get them online.

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