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Eye lash tint damage

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DJAngel Wed 06-Jul-11 23:10:24

Last night had an eyelash tint which I've had done loads of times before but was in a place I've not been to for about a year.. It started to hurt when she put it on but eased off so she left it on.. When I got home, saw that my eyes were very bloodshot and sore.. Today they are no better, they look awful and are very painful, my eyeballs ache!! Anyone got any expereince of this? If so any tips for soothing it or do you know if it will ease soon!! Reluctant to get back onto the woman as it turns out we have a connection tha would make it awkward to complain.. Any thoughts gratefully received!

msbunbury Thu 07-Jul-11 07:00:06

I see your point but rather than complain - simply ring them for advice - they'll be trained in what to do and will be able to advise best.

Jammygal Thu 07-Jul-11 11:46:42

Sounds like she got some in your eyes.....hope you are feeling better soon ;(

Nessica Thu 07-Jul-11 11:52:28

It could be that you still have some in your eyes but it sounds more likely that you have had an allergic reaction to the dye.

Although you may have had it done before if they have used a different dye to the one they have used previously then they should have conducted a patch test on you to see if you reacted as each brand of dye is componently different.

I would say if it continues past today then go to your drs and they may give you some anti-histamines. In the mean time keep bathing and dabbing your eyes with damp cotton wool.

Hope you feel better soon as there is nothing worse than sore eyes.

DJAngel Thu 07-Jul-11 17:29:17

Thanks so much.. I've been to the pharmacy and he just said keep bathing and see how it goes.. It's a little better.. but not much. Will see how it is tomorrow morning but yes, it seems like an allergic reaction as I've had some in my eyes before and it has never been this painful, or red for so long.. May not have it done again, it's made me a bit anxious..

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