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Hair too dark :(

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cushionyet Wed 06-Jul-11 19:05:14


I've been using crappy peroxide at home for years to make my hair blonde, and finally decided to go back to my natural colour (light brown) at a salon today. Despite constant pleas not to make my hair too dark, low and behold, it's FAR to dark for my pale skin. I really didn't like the salon and so don't want to go back there, but does anybody know how easy it will be/ roughly how much it'll cost at an average salon to get it to a lighter brown? It's permanent dye so it's not like washing it is even helping it at all. I won't be even considering trying anything at home to help the situation!

cushionyet Wed 06-Jul-11 19:06:31

Oh, and my hair is very short incidentally.

captainpig Wed 06-Jul-11 19:27:09

Not sure of cost to lighten it. However, have you tried washing it over and over with washing up liquid or original head and shoulders? I've heard that can help remove some of the colour.

mittenkitten Wed 06-Jul-11 19:40:46

Get highlights put in it to break it up and hide the regrowth of your presumably lighter natural hair colour. Cost of highlights depends on how many you get (half or full head) and where you are in the country. It should however be relatively simple.

And see what Tatty says to do!

TattyDevine Wed 06-Jul-11 19:42:34

As the base of your hair is bleached and therefore blonde, you'd be a good candidate for ColourB4 hair dye remover. Its not bleach, its a hydrasulphate which would allow you to "rinse" the colour out. (It shrinks the artificial colour molecules)

It SHOULD bring you back to what you were, without the ginger problem some people who are naturally brunette get from it (I know you are natural brunette but you were already bleached up to blonde so in theory it should all rinse out)

You then have to wait a week before using a home dye or getting it dyed again in a salon.

I suggest you do it yourself and go down in stages.

Once you are able to dye again, start off using Clairol Nice n Easy "honey blonde". This will make you quite strawberry, probably. You can then go straight on to dye it again that day using "natural light brown" or similar. The "strawberry" underneath will stop it going green. I'd suggest you strand test.

That said, your bleached hair is probably quite pourus, and if you do several washes with head and shoulders etc, you might be surprised how quickly it starts to fade.

lilly153 Wed 06-Jul-11 20:03:41

i second the b4 it rips all the dye out your hair my hair was died jey black by a hair dresser i was only looking for light brown as well, after u use the b4 stuff though it does leave you with really orange tinged hair in some parts if you have been dying your hair for years (it did for me anyways) but you can put a home dye straight over it or go to another hair dressers to get it recoloured

Thehusbandsatcricketagain Wed 06-Jul-11 20:09:43

I was given this piece of advice last year when a dye job done a week before I got married left me with hideously dark hair,a very exclusive salon gave me the tip & it works & is very cheap....head & shoulders shampoo,original formula,you leave your hair dry & massage tons of the stuff in,really give a good rub for a few minutes on all of your hair as evenly as you can,then rinse thoroughly & use a good quality conditioner on & leave for 5 minutes as basically H&S is a stripper,it worked a treat for me & I was very sceptical but she said it is a tip hairdressers know about but try & keep quiet about.Let me know if it works for you smile

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