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Can someone please explain this having your colours done to me?

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Kayzr Wed 06-Jul-11 17:33:38

My friend has recently had her colours done??? However she is being quite vague and says that someone told her what colours she can wear and what she can't wear.

Is that all that happens? Is it worth having done or not?

Thanks smile

TattyDevine Wed 06-Jul-11 18:02:50

I had mine done a couple of Saturday's ago with House of Colour.

Turned up at 9:30am. Sit down and have a coffee, talk a bit about the theory behind it, look at some pictures of colours and styles and the colour wheel, talk about hair, etc and the general theory behind it (which I knew from doing hours of web research, I was teachers pet grin )

There was another woman in my "group" so just two of us. She booked first so she got "draped" first. The lady made a vague guess where to "start" based on hair, eye colour etc etc. This lady had deep colouring so it was really a case of whether she was an Autumn or Winter. She started draping white and navy, and cream and brown, foled against each other, to measure both contrast and warmth/cool

This woman was a Winter so the Navy/White looked good. She didn't decide there and then though, she proceeded to drape lots of contrasting colours - Olive green or Emerald green, Hot Pink or Coral, etc etc and we both observed which ones looked better. They don't just "look better" - her face came alive, her eyes came out, her whole person came into balance. Her hair looked shiny, the fabric looked expensive, the skin looked younger, all when it was the right colour (its a triangular bib shaped fabric, cheap polyester, draped under your chin/shoulders)

She basically decided Winter and went through the whole 36 or whatever colours on the colour wheel belonging to Winter (all the while double checking against the Autumn equivalent to make sure we both agreed it wasn't as good) and I annotated (dictated by the consultant) which where her best "2 star" colours, 1 star, 1 tick, etc etc at 100%, 50%, etc etc

In amongst that we effed around with some lipsticks, choosing which red shade was "her" shade, etc etc.

She was given a swatch wallet (leather) with (fabric) swatches in it and a detailed book that explained all the colours and had my annotations of which were best.

Then we swapped and they did me. (I'm a "spring", clear warm and bright)

Its amazing. Potentially life changing. I think my life from now on will, in my mind, be "before I got my colours done" and "after I got my colours done". Would burn all the photo albums from before if I hadn't damn well been in my prime hmm grin

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